Solid states more accurate than tubes?

Ever since I changed speakers from a pair of Maggie's to Proac's, I find the tonal balance more accurate with a ss, especially acoustic wood instruments. Tubes seem to lack that tonal accuracy. I believe it's a more realistic and accurate rendering. Is that a fair assessment? I'm not arguing tubes don't sound good with it's rich, warm sound but just not as accurate. 
’accuracy’ is over sold and under delivers

sympathetic distortion is the name of the game

we are painting a watercolour here, not fastidiously documenting an actual event
Funny. I recently switched from my Conrad Johnson pv-11 to my krell Pam 5 and the krell has way more detail. I even had nos telefunken 12au7’s in the cj. I think I’ll be staying with the krell for a while. Maybe look into buying a nice Ayre pre. I believe I’m hearing a lack of distortion. The krell also has a separate power supply and is a very quiet pre. 
No system or listening environment is going to be totally accurate, so why not go with what you enjoy listening to the most. What do you really have to prove? 
Some experts say all ss amps sound the same i don't believe that. Some don't like the sound of mcintosh so amps I happen to like the sound of mine. but with all the discussion about ss vs tube it still comes down to personal preference. And as others have said before it also depends on matching components to reach that personal preference.
As with every component, it depends entirely upon the IMPLEMENTATION, not the categorisation. There is one well known manufacturer that has been criticised by some for producing tube amps that sound too analytical and ‚solid state‘. The reverse has been said about a few solid state manufacturers.