Solid State Version of Tube McIntosh C220

What is McIntosh's solid state preamp equivalent to the C220 tube preamp?
I would say in the current offerings a C45 will be the closest.
McIntosh broke the mold when they created the c220 and I don't know if there is a solid state equivalent. If you really like the sound of the c220 you will not find that in their solid states products. If you are worried about the reliability of tube gear you don't have to be concerned with the new McIntosh products. This one is a keeper, love it.

i reviewed the c 220. it sounds like a solid state preamp.
If you are using McCormack amps, skip the McIntosh preamps and go straight to a modded SMC audio unit. The ALD-1 with Gold+ upgrades is much more transparent, extended, clear, yet musical when compared to the C220: you won't equal it unless you step up to, say a C200 at least, and might not even find it as good a match with McCormack even with the extra cash outlay. I have had a lot of preamps tried out in my system, and would say that this ALD-1 has the sound of a $7000 retail unit. Of course, only if you don't mind the mid-90's look of the chassis.
I tried the C45 before I bought the C220