Solid state "single ended" pure class A preamp

I am looking for some suggestions on solid state single ended preamps (class A). One example is the Pass Aleph P. But it is out of production. Any other such preamps ?

I am moving out of tube SET amplification to high quality solid state amplification. I just acquired a FM acoustics F10 amp. I realize that to keep the presentation somewhat like SET I may do well with a SET preamp.
The output impedance should be as low as possible. If I can find a used Pass Aleph P it will be one potential candidate. What other options do I have ?
I'm pretty sure a BAT VK-42SE has the features you are looking for.
SET means 'single ended triode' FWIW.

If you really want some of the attributes you had before, I would steer well clear of a solid state preamp. You want a tube preamp, and probably a single ended one at that.
Most if not all high end preamps are Class A.
Yes, I've never heard of a preamp that was not class A.
Pani,you want a "single ended" "solid state class A preamp"? here is just one I Googled. But remember they will have mostly capacitors in the signal path or maybe a coupling transformer to stop dc offset from getting to the poweramp/s.

Audio Electronic Supply Solid State Preamplifier AE-2; T-MOSFET, pure class A, single-ended; gain 15 dB line stage/40 dB phono stage; three separate regulated power supplies; output 10V; input impedance 100 kOhms line stage/47 kOhms phono stage; output impedance 620 Ohms; inputs: phono, CD, Aux1, Aux2 (RCA); outputs: one set of tape-out-RCA, one set of line-out-RCA; size 3.25"H x 15"W x 12"D; weight 9 pounds; black metal chassis; $599; Audio Electronic Supply, 111-A Woodwinds Industrial Court, Cary, North Carolina 27511; Phone (919)-460-6461; Fax (919)-460-3828.

Cheers George
Read it too fast, thought you were looking for an amp.