Solid state preamp warm up time?

How long does a solid state preamp need to warm up for maximum performance? Right now I leave my amp on 24/7 but not my preamp. Wondering if I should leave it on too.
I don't know what you have for a preamp and amp but I would worry about the safety of leaving the amp on and turning the pre off and on.
Leave it on 24/7,I have owned preamps(Class'e that did not even have switch to turn off.I would not keep the power amp on 24/7 that is overkill.
Leave ANY SS device on 24/7/365, unless you know you will be away for a few days, or there's a thunderstorm on it's way. A pure class A amp will draw some juice and throw some heat when quiescent, but any other class won't be an issue. You'll notice a major sonic difference(warming up) if you turn the power amp on and off. Give it a try, both ways(same music/volume levels), and report your findings. Of course: all that depends on how resolving the system is, and how critical/discerning a listener you are.
I personally don't trust leaving any audio preamp or amp on all the time.If the company that build it says to do so,I'd still pass on the idea.Every piece of audio gear I've listened to(tube or solid state)seems to reach its full potential in a half an hour or so.I imagine you will get a lot of opinions,but for safety reasons I don't like the idea.A lot of class ab amps get fairly warm,depending on the bias and design.Pre-heating sounds like a good option. Things do fail.Just my 2 cents.
If it is fused properly I'd leave it on 24/7- more so than the amp, but the amp possibly too.
Pass recommends 24 HR warm up on their preamps. They don't even have an off on switch and are designed fir continuous powerup. You mileage may vary but I have always found solid state to be best left on 24/7
I find my H-Cat ss amp needs about 30 minutes to reach its peak.
I used to leave my preamp on 24/7 unless it was tubed. My amp I left it on for the weekend if I knew I would be listening. I will say I think an amp or preamp needs 24 hrs to warm up and sound its best.
I think the first 30 minutes makes the most difference. Less for Class-As.
A local retailer told me this AFTER he has sold me a Solid State preamp - "about twice the time needed for a tube amp, try 4 hours". Bugger.
I have owned solid state and hybrid preamps that take 3 days to sound their best. I would leave the preamp on 24/7 and turn off the amp.
i leave all my SS gear on 24/7 unless i know i wont be listening for a few days
I'm with Mrkoven, if your amp has a standby mode, then just leave it on standby and your amp will be up to optimum operating conditions within an hour, otherwise leave it on 24/7 if you're using your amp most days..