Solid State preamp to mate with McIntosh MC-252 power amp


I want to mate a stereo preamplifier to my McIntosh solid state power amp.  My budget is $2000 - $3000, used or new.  I currently have a very nice tube preamplifier in my system but since I also watch a lot of TV and do non critical listening for hours, I just want a solid state preamp to do the heavy lifting, since tube just wears out. 

I like nimble, open devices, that can produce a snappy big sound stage. Something that can sound great at low volumes as well as high volumes.

What are some options?
 I would think in that price range you could pick up a nice Mac C200 and be very happy for a long time.
That price range is the best sweet spot for a lot of different excellent preamps in the used market. I'm exactly in the same hunt except my amp is a Mac MC2200. Take your time as there are a lot of options out there. Good luck and keep us posted.
Thanks Michaela, I'd actually prefer a non Mac gear. I'm very interested in Plinius, Classe etc.
Since you are looking for a preamp for when watching TV, I would suggest a used McIntosh MX120 or MX135 at that price point.