Solid-State PREAMP - Thoughts on Threshold / Krell / Bryston

Narrowed my search a bit more.
Thinking more along the lines of a QUALITY, simple, gently used Solid-State Unit.
(MIGHT be able to get my hands on a nice Threshold FET-9 at a reasonable price.)

I KNOW that most "Audiophiles" rave about Tube gear, but I’m not quite ready to jump onto that bandwagon just yet.

For those who have owned and/or auditioned such gear -
It seems like Threshold FET-10/H & 10/P (particularly the later "e" series) should be pretty comparable to the
Krell KSL / KPL product line
The reviews I have read seem to indicate that the products from both should be awfully close to "uncolored"
(perhaps to the point of mild sterility / boredom)
But either should be a QUANTUM-LEAP up from my NAD Receiver that is presently serving "Pre-Amp Duty".

I also perused some articles on DIY Audio and it would seem that re-capping the FET-9 and perhaps updating or replacing the Power Supply Module could potentially be something within my technical abilities and could reap further improvement - possibly approaching that of the later FET-10/e series
Just buy that Bryston BP-26 with the MPS-2 power supply at under 1800 bucks.  You know, the one with the real warranty.  Tubes?  I used to think they sounded better than solid state but thousands of dollars later that is just nonsense.  That's my thoughts.
I agree! - that seems so be a HELLUVA’ good deal
Local HiFi dealer carries Bryston. AWESOME stuff, but their new stuff is beyond my "Audio Fun" budget.

That used unit is just a tad beyond my current funding situation (but I’m WORKING on that, got a good Road Bike on the chopping block that I’ve gotten too old/fat for... Once that sells, I should have plenty)

I agree with that old homage that:  "Good stuff ain't CHEAP and Cheap stuff ain't GOOD"  (at least, up to a point where it's not ludicrous)

In the meantime - I’ll have to keep my ear to the ground for a while. I’m definitely leaning in this direction (Bryston, Krell, Threshold) if and when the right deal comes-along - but I’m also not totally averse to doing a few CAREFULLY researched updates / tweaks (I’m a big enough Electronics Geek to have access to the materials and know-how to do a lot of it myself.)