Solid State Preamp for Parasound JC 1 amps

Looking to spend 2k on a solid state preamp to go with a pair of Parasound JC 1 mono amps.Any input from owners of JC 1's using solid state preamps would be appreciated.
A similar question was asked a while back, so you might do a search. For 2K you might find a used Ayre preamp a good choice.

Brian Walsh
Much agree with Mr. Walsh re: Ayre pre. Also, a used ARC LS3 would be a darn good choice as well. Or a used Parasound PLD-2000 (a buddy of mine is running this pre with his JC-1s with excellent success).
The Ayre would be a good choice, but you might also consider a used Klyne preamp (in one of the recent "7" series of releases). Stan Klyne designs and builds a killer good SS preamp!! You might have to spend a bit more -- say, $2500 -- but it will compete with just about SS preamp selling for as much as $7500.

You should also consider a Bryston BP-25 preamp. This preamp is the very essence of neutrality, and has great build quality and an outstanding 20-year warranty, yet is not usually mentioned as competition against some of the "favored" audiophile brands. The BP-25, however, has gotten some outstanding reviews from international audio mags, and is the reference preamp owned by Robert Greene of TAS magazine.
Check out the BVaudio P1. Outstanding value