Solid State Preamp for Nuforce 9SEV2

Is anyone driving their Nuforce 9SEV2 with a solid state preamp? Any suggestions?

I am presently driving mine with a BAT VK 31SE and was wondering what may be my next move.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
I used mine with a Pass X1 and enjoyed it very much, it was like it wasn't even in the room...

If you search the threads, I believe you will find more satisfied 9SEV2 owners who use tube preamps than solid state preamps.

You may know this already.
That is true.
I don't have the SE's-just the regular V2's, but the Oritek pre-dac is one fine preamp(and dac too, BTW).
How about one of Nuforce's own?
If you get a chance, give the Promitheus Reference or Signature a try. This TVC does not add any signature of it's own. I am pretty happy with mine.
Hey Milpai, what are your experiences with other preamps (and which ones) vs the Pro. TVC? I'm entertaining getting one, it would be compared with a Shindo Aurieges.
I am driving my MCH3-SE C7 with Nuforce's P9 to great effect. Gives more pristine top end, rhythm and pacing than others I have tried. Superb bass and clean and honest midrange w/o smearing. I would not recommend this for an overly bright system but one that's neutral or slightly warmish, this might be the one.

Hi Tholt,
I have not compared the Ref TVC with other preamps. The only preamp would be the NAD integrated's built-in preamp.
Would love to hear your comparison with the Shindo. I am not a tube guy though.
Well I sold the Shindo and am waiting to receive a Ref TVC 4 to pair with a tube amp. This from a previous Shindo/Nuforce set up (don't think it really justice to the Shindo). The merry go round continues, love the ride...