Solid State Phono Preamp.

Looking at top of the line Solid State Phono Preamps and a few come to mind, ie the ASR Basis Exclusive and Ray Samuel's XR-10B. Thoughts on either or alternatives to concider.

Thanks in advance
Einstein! An amazing piece. I'e been through many solid state and tube phono stages.
I absolutely love the EAR 324P. Ultra quiet, dynamic, natural sound.
Walker Audio Reference phono stage would be at the top of my list.

any of Stan Klyne's would be a excellant choice!!
check out the whest 0.20 - it is great - the price belies its brilliance!

I know whest also make a new 0.30 version, and a top of the line reference - which I'm convinced will be incredible
Simaudio LP 5.3.
I'm very happy with the ASR basis exclusive and like what the battery does in this application and like the flexibility it provides for gain and loading.

Have heard good things about the other mentioned so far as well.
I like the way my Tom Evens Groove Plus SRX helps me discover sounds in music that i have not heard before. And when you have been listening to classic rock and roll for over 40 years that says something.
E.A.R 324.
I smile, grin and laugh every time I hear it play music with my all tube Audio Note system. It is the only component that is not AN.

They don't come up for sale on the used market very often.
How about a Pass Labs Xono? Still shows up on Absolute Sounds '07 Reviewer's favorites (AHC is the only reviewer I trust - he has a real day job).

I'm ordering one this weekend.
My vote would go to Einstein. Einstein is a complete opposite of ASR in terms of design. It's lightweight and looks like one of the Music Fidelity X-cans, in terms of shape and size. But it can go head to head against the ASR, which is a two box design that weighs about 20 times more than the Einstein. Both have different sound characteristics. I had heard them compared side-by-side, and I think it comes down to personal taste. But getting your hands on an Einstein would be a challenge. My friend has the single-ended version and has been waiting for a balanced version for at least 4 or 5 months. The US distributor has been telling him few more weeks every week for the past 3 months.