Solid State or Tubed Phono Pre ?

I am using a Coph-Nia MC Solid State unit now. I like what I hear but have not heard a Tubed Phono to compare this to.
Will the tube phono just be a warmer sound and would there be any additional benefits in getting one. If it matters my cartridge is the Dynavector DV-10X5. My table: VPI Scout ( up graded ) My amp is the Pathos Logo Integrated ( hybrid )
Have also heard a couple all tubed amps and have really considered selling the Logo and giving a all tube set up a try. My speakers are the Silverline SR17 Monitors which has also been up graded.
I will say that the analog side is new to me as I have been very happy with digital until this came along and my digital has taken a back seat.
Analog is what I want to pursue at this time.
I like to keep any up grades or changes in the 2000.00 range if I can.
Thanks for any input,
I don't feel its neccassary to get tubes one way or the other.Its more of a fit sonically for your taste.Todays equipment both solid state and tubes are much closer than many think.I would definately consider both but judge only what your ears tell you rather than think one is better than the other.There are plenty of great peices out there to enjoy in both camps. A couple pieces that I feel you might look at is the Graham Slee and Ear phono gear which both have great reviews.Just judging from what I have seen and read only......