Solid state mid/high end integrated impressions

Hi, I'm in the market for a solid state integrated amp.  I'm really interested in the Luxman 509X.  However I wanted to know if people who are in the market or owners have compared equipment within this tier. For instance, Gryphon Diablo 300, Ayre AX-5-20, Accuphase (whatever model within this range), Vitus etc.  I just sold all my solid state separate gear (Ayre + McIntosh) and want to get a high end integrated instead as a purist approach.  The T + A and gear within that range is still out of my price range. Any impressions and recommendations welcome.
Gryphon Diablo 300 is $16.5k, I think you are talking about Diablo 120 which is $11.5k or so without phono stage.
I am a Gryphon fan, don't ask me. Accuphase is severely overpriced in the US, it's almost twice as much as in Japan.
Luxman is excellent.
I was thinking of the DIablo 300 used prices, but actually for my purposes the 120 will be more than good enough.