solid state amps matched with tube pre amp

Greetings,i just purchased a DeHavilland Ultra Verve preamp.It was a demo unit and im missing the page in the manual for start up and shut down,but was sent a ditto saying that the pre must be turned on first and the amp shut down first or serious damage to amp can happen.I usually leave my solid state amp on all the time.Is this the rule for tube preamps matched with ss amps.
Yes, don't ever turn you pre-amp on with your power amp already on.

I know my Herron VTSP-1A/166 pre-amp can be left on all of the time without prematurely burning out the tubes.

I believe the concern about that concers power amps rather than pre-amps.
I've mistakenly turned my pre off twice while the amp was still on and both times blew the fuses for both channels of the amp. I always turn the pre on first...let it warm up for about 30 secs and also make sure the 'Mute' is on , then power on the amp. When turning the system off I hit the 'Mute' on the pre first, then turn the amp off and wait about 20 secs for the caps to discharge, then turn the pre off.
Absolutely turn off the amp before the preamp goes off and and turn the preamp on before the amp...

I've had the UV paired with various solid state amps, and the results of turning off the preamp while the amps were on resulted in anything from triggering the protection mechanisms to blowing fuses. Not cool.
I would turn on the preamp then your amp and never turn them off until you need to swap tubes or your amp quits, IMHO. Your ears will thank you.
Yes, I agree with all the above responses. Always turn on your amps last, and turn off your amps first. Otherwise, at the least, your speakers and your ears will let you know that you've done something terrible. When I warm up my amps before playing music, I will still turn off the amps momentarily, turn on the tube preamp, then turn on the amps again. with tubes. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Have fun. You get used to it.
Some solid state amps do not have an on-off switch and are meant to be left on all of the time. This creates a real problem if you want to mate a tube preamp with this sort of solid state amp....assuming you want to turn off the preamp to presererve tube life. The only way to turn these amps off is to unplug it from the wall.

You'd better get an amp that has an on-off switch. I'm looking to get a tube preamp....I have a couple of Sunfire Signature amps that don't have an on-off switch...that could be a problem. No way to leave the tubes on 24-7 or plug and unplug the amp from the wall every time I want to turn the preamp on and off.