solid state amplifier for martin logan cls 2 speak

anybody out there have any recommendations for a good solid state amplifier for the martin logan cls 2 speakers/

Pick up the Mark Levinson 23.5 for sale here right now (no it's not mine and I don't know the seller.) It's a great amp, and terrific with the hard-to-handle load of the CLS. See my system.
I got fantastic results with a Spectral DMA80 running full range, along with a pair of Kinergetics subwoofers run off of a separate preamp out. Very transparent and tonally lovely, defying conventional wisdom. I found it more musically satisfying than the Audio Research D115 mkII that preceded it.
I used a Krell KST 100 with mine & it worked great..
Around $1000 on the GON!! I thought it was better than my Bryston 4BSST just by a little though. The best amp I ever had on them was a 100wpc Audio Research tube amp. I have the CLS IIZ LE. I bet that Mark Levinson Nsgarch is talking about would work great too. Good luck.
I would say,Classe!You get verygood results when partening martin logans with classe amplification.
I followed the advice of member Johnk and I am now using 350mcx Krell monos with Sosna Emotion xlr and Valhalla speaker wire.

The speakers have enough power to get my room to 90Db (plus peaks) from 9 feet away using the Radio Shack C weighted meter without compression. I love that Krell grip on bass and mid bass and it is pretty smooth.

I have the clsIIz with bybees and internal speaker wire Au24. Anyway, good luck on your efforts.
One more thing, (off topic) have you ever demoed power cords? They make a real difference on the speaker itself.