Solid state amp to go with tube preamp; used ok; budget: $3k max

I may have posed a similar question like this a while back, but I'm curious to get any updated thinking from folks, older or newer.

Situation: I have a Quicksilver Line Stage preamp and 60w monoblocks. I'm happy with them. I'd like to have a solid state amp to swap in for the monoblocks from time to time (weather, variety).

Typical desiderata in the amp are, as you'd expect, great grip on bass and pacing, smooth highs, good presence in mids, as wide and deep a soundstage as possible.

I tried Atoll 120wpc integrated (bypassing the preamp), Van Alstine SET 400, and my old Adcom 535L. None did the above to my satisfaction --problem mainly with mid, treble and with soundstage depth.

I've heard that stepping up the quality could bring something to the table, and to look out for Hegel, Ayre, Pass. Open to any topology. My speakers are 87 db, 8 ohm, and are driven just fine by 60w tube or solid state.

Specific recommendations for brands and models are welcome. I'm willing to buy, try, and re-sell if there's a good chance I'll want to keep it.

I'm going to be watching for things on used sites. Again, for this I'm setting an upper limit of $3k but am hopeful I could do fine with much less.
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Used. Audio Research 100.2 with a ModWright SWL 9.0 SE. Owned this combination for several years and I thought it bettered equipment far more expensive. Both can be had for $3K.

IMO and others the LSA Voyager GaN amp is amazing and priced at $3000, but they have a Black Friday special if you hurry


There are several threads, just avoid the one by Jaymark, it's been trashed by one guy with an agenda. Some 70+ recent threads have been focused on his antics

Thanks. Quite happy with my choice. Pass XA 25. Happy T Day