Solid state amp for tube pre

I am looking to upgrade my audiolab 8000a to a better setup.
I aquired a quicksilver line stage pre amp for a steal. I have heard this pre mated with a dna 125 and loved the sound.
The speakers are Jupiter Europa and a audio note zero transport mated with a McCormack dac.
This setup sounds great in its own right but, well you all know the deal.
I am looking to stay below $1000 for the amp.
Also, a few years ago I set up a Pass Labs aleph 0 up and used the 8000a as a pre and loved the sound.
What other power amps would sound as good as either of these.
There is a member at the moment selling a Classe Dr-10 amp. I have in the past andat thement been ver impressed by many of the older Classe gear having had their DR-5,6 and DR-9 amps. I love the sound and the quality and reliability. I would serious look into a piece. I have not listened to this amp but would think that it keeps the same audio footprint.