Solid state amp for Totem Model 1`s

Howdy folks
just wondering what kind of solid state amps people are using with their Model 1`s...I`m currently running tubes (modified Cary SLM 70`s)...wanted to try something different. Besides, they`re too damn hot in the summer (no air conditioning). Was considering McCormack, Edge, Sim, Pass (Aleph series?) but am open to any suggestion.
Am using a Modwright SWL-9.0 with the tubed power supply as a room is smallish, and I can`t crank it, but feel I need something that controls the bass better, and has the current to push these speakers - the dynamics are restricted.
Agree with the need for juice with Totems I used Bel Canto amps to power my Totem Forests and Model 1 Signatures with pretty good results.
I suggest an Exposure 3010s2 or Creek Destiny. Both offer over 100 wpc and a nice tight sound. I'm using the former with Aerial 5's, which are a tougher load than the totems.
I have a Naim Supernait for my Totem The Ones. Lovely. 80 watts. It is not just the quantity of watts, it is the quality. Naim supplies watts that are high current. I believe Totems use Naim amplifiers in their factory to test quality control, FWIW.
used a Rowland Model 1 with the Totem 1's many years ago ... great match! I believe Sim Audio used to voice some of their amps with Totems so these should be excellent as well.
Totem speakers sound really nice with Naim electronics.
I heard some larger totems with an Ayre amp and it sounded very good.
The NAD C375BEE with MIT AVT 1 cabling for preamp out/main in connection....I use Totems as well. Warm, dynamic and palpable with great presence.
I just got a pair of forests and an xpa 2. Will let you onow
Having had experience of One Sig's a few years back and recently run Forests I'd highly recommend a look at the Muse range, Model 200 in my case. It drove the Forests beautifully and now that I'm running much higher end speakers the amp has been surprisingly up to the task. Its very neutral and with the Model Ones I'd expect like the Forests it'd offer quite an accurate monitor like presentation with great bass weight and tone. When the time comes to move up the speaker tree you'll be shocked at the rich, powerfull, transparent tonality that it can deliver. The One's are fun speakers hope you find something that works for you.
The Emotiva line seems impressive...let us know your take on the Forest/XPA 2 combo"O) Also, I'd like to mention that moving up the "speaker tree" does not always mean a better or more meaningful listening experience. I owned the $20K plus speaker systems and although they may have "more" of some aspects of music reproduction going for them, they did not move me as much as the Totem products I've owned.
Ever heard a Rega Osiris powering them... (or any rega if you dont want to spend that many bucks)
Rega has a good sounding combi with all Totem Acoustic stuff. (althought have to say I listened to "THE ONE" model and not the "Model 1" on the Osiris)
A friend of me also has a Rega-Totem combi, with model 1, and it's an amazing match.

I've listened to only a couple of systems with totem acoustic so far, so this all is IMHO. But you realy should try Rega for once, Listen to it, and see if im right.

Combinations listened to so far:
-Marantz (great, but realy have to bi-amp to get a decent soundstage)
-Denon (still impressed but I think its due to the quality of Totem Acoustic)
-Rotel (great combi I think. I personaly like the symplicity of the Rega, but Rotel is a bit advanced with multi channel combined with good stereo quality.)
-Manley Labs (a Stingray tube amp. pretty need, warm, actualy very good, but little rumbly in lower regions.)
-Perreaux (at least I think it was Perreaux.. so this is not completely reliable.. but sounded ok)
-Harman Kardon (nice try. Though Totem still sounds great, it realy cannot compare to high end stuff, although better than a HongKong made Sonicblabla yank pufff system you buy at at local market)
-Rega (osiris, maya, exon, brio... all perfect imo)

So not many different experiences, but ok.

Heard Enstein also is a great match, but its a tube amp, so not your cup of tea I guess.

anyway... Try a Rega. You might like the sound of it. (and.. yes.. inevitably.. maybee not)