Solid state amp for my Epos ES25's

I would like to upgrade to a SS amp to expand my home theater. Right now all that is powering my setup is a Sherwood Newcastle R-945 receiver and it is currently running everything. The most important thing to me is my musical experience, over my movie experience. Right now I am currently leaning towards McIntosh stereo amps. As I said my enjoyment comes from listening to music, so I'm not that interested in a multi-channel amp to power all my speakers, just the two mains. The Epos E25's have three separate inputs for tri-wiring which I'd would like to try, just to get the most out of these speakers. Any advice on a SS purchase or being about to tri-wire an amp with these speakers would be greatly appreciated.
Epos speakers are voiced using Creek amplifiers and are often demonstrated using Music Hall amplifiers. In the US, all 3 brands are part of the same component family imported by Roy Hall. I would start there.