Solid state amp around 2000-2500 used or new

I currently have a Odyssey khartago, and am looking to upgrade to another solid state amp of around the same power 100-200 watts. Right now I am considering a used Pass Labs X150.5 or something from Mckormack (maybe a DNA-125). Any other contenders in this price range?
Had the Khartego and several tube amps and went to Gilmore Raptor monoblocks. $2500 a pair. 250 watts into 8 ohms and 500w into 4 ohms. These are great amps
Rrog: honestly I don't know if McCormack is in the same league as Pass. Thats what I'm trying to find out
Can't go wrong with a used Pass X150.5 or Ayre V-5xe. Owned both and loved them.
Would be good to know what qualities the OP would like to improve upon over the Khartago. Would make for better recommendations.
What Soix said.

Also, why not stay with Odyssey and go mono or upgrade to the Stratos?
I'm looking for an amp that has a bit more power and presents a wider soundstage. I do love the overall color/tone of the Odyssey I have, so maybe going to monos or a Stratos would be a viable option. Has anyone ever compared the two?
I would look for a Classe amp in mint condition. Many consider the older models(CA-100/150/200/300/400)better sounding and having better build quality. You should be able to find a mint version of 1 of these models under $2K.
big dif with snergy was hearing every line of each instrument in symphony or stingquartet which is most of what i listen to most, much more solid and tuneful base as well.
schubert: which Odyssey amp did you have? Also is the synergy 550 discontinued, I couldn't find it on the site?
I would go for a XA30.5. Even for a 30watt class A it is a lot better than the 150.5. Musical fidelity is an almost 2 dimensional sound. I did shows for MF in the past and I owned the best stuff they have. Pass labs is superior in 3d imaging compared to MF. I had the 150.5 for some time to test. I was not convinced. XA30.5 is so much better. And control is quite good. 150.5 does not have more control. As you would expect!!
Sorry, my amp is a 450, there is no 550, my minds going. in any event its doing a great job right now letting me hear all all the lines and instruments in Brahms 3rd, something neither my Odyssety Khartago or Stratos could, sweet as they were.
The Pass XA30.5 will cost about $3500 used, and $15/mo in electricity, if left on 24/7.

IMO a much superior amp, to any other choice, for $3500 used, after owning one.
Choices, choices, choices! Right now I've got it narrowed down to Odyssey Stratos, Pass X150.5, Modwright KWA-100/150, or Parasound Halo A21.