Solid state AB amp?

At Very low listening levels with very efficient speakers, (101db) Is my solid-state amp AB using just A power? 
Then you read what Sanders has to say and you really start scratching your head.

It all comes down to what you like the sound of best. 95% of the population couldn't tell the difference between a Pass amp and a Sanders amp. Only crazy sick bastards like us care. 
I don’t think so. Say, the bias is equal to 70mA. This current must be the amplitude current of the speaker. Say, you have 8Ohm speakers. The highest power P = I * I * R / 2 = 0.02W. If your speaker has 101dB/W/m you will get 84dB maximum. Class AB amplifiers have higher distortion on high level (it is obvious) and on low level (because of "step" on their characteristic). Just if you have the amplifier with bias about 0.5A or more it can work. But the heat dissipation rises very fast in this situation.
Try my page in (Vladimir Benkhan). I describe there how to improve quality of regular amplifiers and there is a scheme of simple class A amplifier there.
A or AB my amp,  along with my SET  Preamp; KIND OF BLUE and of that ilk does it for me.