Solid State 200 watt amp-Classe/Marsh/McCormack

Looking to buy an amp for either Sonus Faber or B&W speakers. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Check out the new Classe Delta series. They have a 100w/ch integrated for $4900 that is unbelieveable. This Classe stuff that does everything right! It is significantly more than the previous model.They redisigned it from the ground up.
The Edge M8 is an excellent choice also. The Edge sound is very smooth, controlled and detailed but not rolled off. I have an M8 driving Veritas 2.8's and have had alot of amps through the door, tube and SS and happily settled with the M8.
I second the Edge amp. However, the McCormack DNA 1 deluxe is a real bargain and sounds very tube like in the midrange with a good tube preamp.
A two-channel Theta Digital Dreadnaught II is also worth considering.