Solid Stage vs Tube amp

Hello everyone. First thing I like to say is this is great site and I really enjoy reading discussions about gear, music sound, improvements and upgrades. BTW I’m new in this hobby and like to hear in a competent opinion. I have MC 2255 with C33 preamp and JBL L112 speakers. So far I’m happy with the sound for my Heavy Metal and Hard-rock music but I always wanted to try tube amp because I like to have this experience too. So I bought couple months ago Antique Sound Lab 1001 MK ii DT and I like the sound of this  tube amplifier  very much, it is just different, but when I compare with my SS amplifier seems  like Antique Sound Lab
cut off like 15-20 % of the instruments witch I hear with the SS specialty on the treble.  I understand that SS amp is more bright, transparent and fast amp  for Heavy Metal but is this the way tube amplifier should sound with this type of music or just my ASL is not a very good amplifier? I know it’s not high end gear but that’s my budget. BTY  the tubes are KK 88 Gold Lion with not more then 300 hrs. Thank you in advance to everyone who share his experience! 
I'm sure that by far the biggest factor is you're so used to the grainy etched thin hyper sound of SS and digital, and with probably just about everyone around telling you this is neutral, that its tubes that are euphonic and colored, that in your mind tubes are missing something. I can assure you the instruments are all there. At some level the gear really does become more revealing, but you're not there. You're in the realm where its all there just with a different balance. I would bet money you go back and listen and sure enough its all there, just not as in your face with tubes as with SS.

Tube and solid state, analog and digital, they're all trying to get to the same place. Painting in very broad strokes, the general trend is SS and digital over emphasize the edges, tubes and analog overdo the body. The more budget the gear the greater the tendency for this to ring true. Budget SS is nothing but etched edges. Budget tube gear smooths over details. As you climb the performance ladder this general trend stays true but the differences between the very best get closer and closer. High end SS can sound pretty damn good. But high end tubes are to die for.

What you are hearing is that contrast. Right now, and for some time to come, all your improvements to your SS gear will move it towards the warmer smoother sound of your tube amp. All your tube amp improvements will improve detail resolution closing the gap in that area with digital.

Once you start paying attention to this difference you may notice the sins of the tube amp are sins of omission. There's less of certain things. Details smoothed over, frequency extremes rolled off. The sins of solid state are sins of commission- etch and grain added, a tipped-up top end. Sins of omission are inherently less fatiguing and easier to live with than sins of commission. In part because the mind is very good at imagining and filling in what is missing, but very bad at filtering out and ignoring. SS is in your face. Tubes draw you in. Listen and see if you don't start to get what I'm talking about. 
The interaction between a tube amp and speaker is more complicated. 

As the output impedance of the amp goes up, the frequency response of the amp/speaker system looks more like the impedance curve of the speaker.

Sticking to high impedance speakers with small impedance variations helps.  Sometimes the match is good, sometimes bad, and of course, getting good treble out of a tube amp may be a little harder.
Maybe stay with the SS amp and look for a Tube preamp instead.
This debate has been a subject for years. Some prefer SS and some prefer tubes. It all boils down to what you prefer. Both have their plus and minuses. All tube amps do not sound the same and all solid state amps do not sound the same. Anyone who makes a statement that one is better than the other is ridicules. You might find this article interesting. BTW, I use tube gear!
Read that analysis in post 2 a couple times. It’s well done. 
This is getting old it is up to YOU.
Thank you to everybody  for  response and good advice. How everyone of you saying I have to give more time of listening and better know this new for me tube amplifier.

To ebm , what do you think by saying getting old, meaning ASL AQ1001Mark ii DT ? Th’s 
The small signal tubes (4 X 12AU7, stock) can have a major effect, on that amp's presentation.     
Have you tried hooking up the speakers to both the 4 ohm and 8 ohm connections and comparing?
How does it sound in pentode vs. triode setting?
No, its old as in he's tired of reading the same stuff over and over again. But so much info is on-line that if anyone did a search they would find all the answers and never come asking here and the whole thing would degenerate into an endless stream of meaningless bar room blather and... wait a minute, wait just a doggone minute! I may have just figured something out!
Its always OK to adjust the midrange & tweeter levels on the speaker’s baffle - suit to taste. With a little care, this bared wire can be used in the "Insert/twist" speaker wire receptacles of the L112. Use 2 leads for + and one for -. Be consistent so nothing smokes. It works remarkably well on my L96 10" versions.
I understand, I didn't want to bore anyone with my question, I just wanted a competent answer from someone who knows more than me about my audio system.

To twoleftears regards comparing, that’s what I did until now. Definitely 4 ohm does not work well with my speakers (JBl L112) but on single ended setting the amp sound way better for my Metal and Hard Rock music, with clarity and very good instruments separation. Push pull settings sound like totally different amplifier.
 Thank you all for the response!
Heavy Metal and Hard-rock

Which bands?
@itsotor I commend to your attention a white paper titled something like "solid state vs. tubes". It is available on the sanders sound systems website. Roger Sanders explains in easy to understand language a key factor in why tubes sound different than solid state.

I wonder whether the tubes in your power amp are worn out or close to the end of their useful life? That might explain some of what you're hearing. 

Also, to help us out here, tell us about your solid state amplifier. What is it?
And what file format are you listening to? MP3s? CDs? Vinyl? Streaming? You might find differences in the presentation between those various formats and that could be a factor in what you're hearing.
Thank you for Roger Sanders article, it was very helpful. About the tubes for my amplifier, they are pretty new with not more than 300 hrs( that’s what the previous owner said) but I’m not sure about 12au7, never asked for them.Maybe I have to check them?  Regards my solid state, it is Mcintosh MC 2255 with C33 preamp and Nobsound tube phono stage.
I’m  listen mostly vinyl records and I have one particular which I use for testing and comparing  ( Pretty Maids- “Future World”)
Th’s to all for responds and advises!