Solid Stae HT amp for Merlin's?

Hi, I am going to be running a dual system. Joules from 2 channel and Solid state for HT.

I had planned on using Aragon amps for the 5 channels but I can not find a 8008x3 for sale (I currently have a 8002)

What else is a good option? Krells would be a bit too bright considering I have the tube harness I would imagine.

Eathquake CineNova?

I am looking to spend around $2.5k used.
belles 3ch. 150a hot rod
I have the Merlins and use the Bernings for stereo and ended up with the Sim Audio unit for HT. It works VERY well. The Theta was my second choice. The Sim had more detail and more controlled bass than the Parasound or the Theta I tried. The Krell was not a good combo with the Merlins, bright and sterile IMHO.
YBA match my Merlin TSM pretty well.
Try this link:

I have no relation to the seller.

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