Solid Speaker Stands for NHT Super Zero Speakers

Any recommendations for 30" speaker stands for the NHT Super Zero speakers? The top plate would need to be 5" x 5" at most. All the speaker stands I have seen for this size of a speaker with the appropriate top plate seem to be low quality. Thanks in advance for the advise.
Perhaps you can have some custom made by Sound Anchors...
Noel @ Skylan stands can make up what you want.
Bruce @ Polycrystal can also help you.
They have excellent dampening products.

what did you decide on for your stands?
The stands I use are perfect for Zero's! I use American Speaker Stands with a 5x5 plate on top. These slope back or foreward, have sand/lead fill bass, adjustable spikes, steel construction, and are found in many audiophile shops.
I'm actually selling my pair for other needs also.
However, how tall is your ceiling height? Also, how far away from walls are you planning?
Just for feedback's sake, zero's need boundary reinforcement ideally! Yes, ideally you'd like balance of frequency response out in the room/ But the Zero's really start rolling off at about 120-100hz! placing them near walls helps the response down to close at 80hz range for better balance and blend. Just for feedback.
Also, and equally as important is ceiling height! if you have a standard 8' ceiling height, may I recommend 24" stands!?..even angled up a bit if need be. I've found higher hights to be not so effective with low ceilings. Basically the speakers couple better down lower mostly for minimonitors. But, you might tinker.
Anyway, I have a 24" pair, and have used numberous monitors on them for superb sound!
Good luck much for your stands?