Solid Silver Wire and Logans

I just bought some Tempo Electric silver speaker wire. Is anybody else using silver on Martin Logan’s? 

I am using the Big Twist 12 gauge solid silver (two sets, one for each amp setup), on my Tannoys, and I'm very happy with them. Though I can't speak to how well they will interface with your ML's, I would be surprised if they didn't work quite well.


thanks! I looked at big twist, Joes prices are so reasonable, I may have him make interconnects for me as well. 
I have a friend with M-L Renaissance 15a speakers.  He is using, very successfully, Analysis Plus silver cables.  Very clear and coherent sound.
I now have tempo electric speaker wire and interconnects for all of my system. I replaced my audioquest earth and I am very very happy with the results. I’m glad I went all silver. It just sounds better. 
Martin logan summit x use with cable siltech emperor double crown  silver
The sound is better and quickly with silver cable