Solid Silver rca's for tube amps

Are there any tube amp users out there...that have found solid silver wire rca's to be of benefit to the sound of your system?
I want to try them, but there pricey.
I'm thinking about Quicksilvers interconnects as they're silver and I think at 100.00 per meter set,they would be a good deal compared to others.

Thanks in advance.
Solid Silver works great for my All Tube gear..I use DH Labs..Revelations...Depending on what tubes I was rolling at different times,I also enjoy ..Audience IC's which are copper wire...
I use the PS Audio Transcendent silver solid core I.C. and Slinky Links silver speaker cable with my Coincident tube amp and linestage. The sound is exceptionally open,transparent and with a slight overall warmth and full texured tonality.
Seasons greetings Mcgarick.I have MAC"Silver Braided"I/C's between my Marantz DV-7001 & Yaqin Tube Buffer & the Buffer to Yaqin Tube Integrated Amp.The other day I swapped in some Audioquest Diamondback copper I/C's just to see how it would sound.ARGHHH,terrible.Even though the cables have several hundred hours on them & I let then cook in all day before listening it was like I put a blanket over the speakers.The MAC cables are Pure Silver & can be had through the Auction section at VERY resonable prices.
Shindo Labs' own ICs are silver and all their amps and preamps are tube. Highly recommended.

Look into Clear Day Cables as well, they manufacture solid core silver ICs and they are affordable.
I have really enjoyed ridge street cables and audio note cables with my tube preamp and amps (disclosure -- i am selling some ridge street interconnects at the moment). neither is particularly cheap, but they are solid choices that you can keep as your system changes/grows. ridge street has a trial period so there is no real risk and the owner robert is a nice guy.