Solid Silver Banana Plugs?

Anyone know if/where solid silver banana plugs are available? Thanks.
Everyone seems to go with gold as a connection conductor. Would'nt solid silver be kind of soft and then would tarnish/oxidize quickly?
Tarnished silver, or silver oxide poses no conductive risk. Pure silver as well as gold is to soft for use as a jack.
I'd contact Serguei Timachev, Stealth cable designer, and ask him. (Disclosure: I know him. But bias isn't an issue here, is it?) He's at, or email at He'll give you good information at least, and conceivably even be able to provide what you're asking about. Worth a try.
I think Alpha-Core is selling solid silver spades (coated with Rhodium to inhibit tarnishing). Drop them a line.
try Audioquest. I bought silver lugs from them - dunno where to get those bananas but I have seen them.