Solid Epoxy Resin Platform -

I have made a platform using Solid Epoxy Resin table tops. Just think of the Black table tops in a science lab. The table tops look like a slab of Granite or Marble, but are super heavy. The ones I used are 5ft x 2ft. and 1 inch thick. And weigh close to 100 lb. apiece.

I put one 100 pound 5'x 2' x 1" table top down on my carpet. I then put 6 neoprene/cork anti- vibration pads on top of the Epoxy Resin table top. I put a 4"x4" anti vibration pad in each corner and two in the upper and lower middle of the the 5' x 2' table top.

I then just put the other 100 lb. table top on top of the one with the anti vibration pads on it.

A Solid Epoxy Resin sandwich.

This is my base platform that I will( have) put my audio racks on top of. You could go in a number of ways hear. I chose to put 4 3"x3" anti vibration pads on top of the solid epoxy resin table top. I then put a 20"x16" x 2 1/2 inch Maple cutting board on top of the 4 3"x3" pads. I then put my rack (20"x16") on top of the Maple cutting board. I repeated this with my other 20"x16" rack.

Unlike Granite, Marble or other rock based shelves, or platforms. The Solid Epoxy Resin platforms that I put together is Rock solid no ringing. Hooked my system back up and the lower noise floor just jumps out to you.

I listen to familiar songs and hear things that were always there in the recording but masked. Listening to a song from Jamey Johnson album "that lonesome song' I heard for the first time a background singer singing with him on a song from beginning to end ever so softly. I was able to hear this without straining for the first time.

Now it all depends whether that is worth it to you or not. But it made my listening that much more enjoyable.

Another example is Cassandra Wilson album " Silver Pony" the last track is a duet with singer John Legend. A nice ballad called "Watch the Sunrise". For the first time of me listening to this song that I have played endlessly. I notice that he is coming out of the left middle speaker and she is coming out of the right middle speaker as it pertains to the center of the room. Before they both appeared to be singing from the left and right middle. So now the space between them is much easier to see and hear in the sound stage. That was cool.

And from a looks perspective the deep Black Epoxy Resin platforms look very good, then add the Maple boards to it. You have a system the is vibration proof and lowers the noise floor, which allows you to hear more into the music. But looks smoking hot. I'll take it.
Ya know this would be a lot more interesting if you had a pic posted in your system page, or maybe a link to a pic somewhere.
I agree. Pic's please.
Why the maple boards between your rack and the epoxy platform? Also, what rack(s) are you using.
Onhwy61 : I have two Target Audio racks that are 20" x 15".5 X 30" inches high. I also have a salamander 3 tier rack on the Solid Epoxy Resin platform. The salamander rack is turned sideways to fit on the 5ft platform.

I was using maple platforms under my three racks before I got hold of the Solid Epoxy Resin platform pieces. I could have set everything on the Epoxy Resin platform with no problem. But maple has always sounding good in my set up. I went- just a little overboard with the Maple platform boards I guess. But it does sound good.

I will try to send pictures, when I figure how to do it on the Forum links.
I will try to send pictures, when I figure how to do it on the Forum links.
Jejaudio (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

Easiest thing is start a system thread here at Audiogon, then everyone can click and view what you choose for photos.

Second option is a link to a hosting service for images. Lots of them on the web.

I use
Have you given any thought to switching out the shelves on your rack (assuming they are removable) with epoxy resin shelves? Or you could make individual platforms to put under each of your components on top of the existing shelves. That stuff is a pain to cut though. I'm sticking to using phenolic resin laboratory tops for my purposes since it can be cut with a regular carbide tooth blade.
I took a lot of pictures of my system with the Solid Epoxy Resin platform as my base for my three racks.

I also took pictures of 2 of the 6 extra 5ft. x 2ft. x 1 inch thick Epoxy Resin tops that I have. I want to have some of these cut into 18" x 24" boards to put under my Hales Revelation Three speakers. I have all Maple boards under them now. Which work great with tungsten carbide Rollerballs under the speakers.

I also would like to have some cut into shelves to fit inside my racks 18" x 18". The possibilities are endless.

Thank you Albert for you advise.
Are epoxy resin platforms expensive to make or have made?
Shipping is expensive because of the size and weight, but the actual pieces are available for $150-200 on-line for 30"x60" or smaller pieces. I've never worked with them, but there are numerous internet comments about how hard it cut and a few mentioning various dangers involved.
Isn't this similar to man-made kitchen countertops like DuPont Quartz or Caesarstone? I know some has fragmented natural stone or glass in them, but I believe some are made of pure resin. At least my kitchen countertop looks like it.

I've just got a piece of remnant cut into the right sizes to go under my turntable.

So anyway, where are the pictures?
I'm not sure what it would cost to have individual platforms made. You could try a company out of Florida called AGR Fabricators. They are retail of sorts. The main two manufacturers are Durcon and Epoxyn, but I don't think that they sell directly to the public. AGR gets their material from one of the two and they do the cutting and edge finishing.

It can be cut at home, but is fairly difficult. Set up a guide rail, use a circular saw with a diamond blade for dry cuts, make progressively deeper cuts (I think I've done 4-5 passes in 1" thick material). Wear a dust mask. You'll end up with a raw edge that will be a light grey- the surface color is not all the way through the material. There are "edge dressing" kits to get raw edges to match the factory finished edges, but I don't know where the public can get those though. I think the material weighs about 15 pounds per square foot- can't remember for sure.
I just put some pictures up of the Solid Epoxy Resin platforms. It is under my system.

I have one picture of what my system looked like before the Epoxy Resin platforms. It is the one with the maple boards on the bottom of all the racks and speakers.

It has taken me ten years on Audiogon to get around to posting my system.
Thanks for your expertise on how much of a pain cutting one of these Epoxy Resin boards would be. I will definitely leave it to the pro's.
I have 6 Solid Epoxy Resin left.

3pc- 60"x 24" x 1 inch.
3pc- 54"x 24" x 1 inch.
And yes, my two Target racks have removable shelves 18"x 14"x 3/4 inch. I was thinking of 6 boards of 18"x 18" for my racks and 2 boards cut 24"x 18" to go under my Hales speakers and replace the Maple board that I use now.
I still can't find your picture.
Hi, Ozzy
Just click on my name and system. And you will see my system before and after the Solid Epoxy Resin platform were installed. I just did a little write up on my system page.
I posted some new pictures of my system. I also am showing some new D.I.Y tweaks that I have made and use in my system. Just click on my system and check them out.
From the product info available online, it looks like it'a a bit of a misnomer to call products like Epoxyn "pure epoxy." The Epoxyn website says it's a mix of epoxy, silica, & pigment.
Photo46: I just use the term Solid Epoxy Resin. It fits, since it is very dense and heavy.