Solid Core Power Cord

I just obtained a used Supratek Syrah preamp and asked the designer what he recommended for a moderately priced power cord. He responded "any power cord will do the job, solid core cables sound a little better" Can any of you recommend any power cords that are solid core and aren't expensive since "any power cord will do the job"?
Thanks for any suggestions.
"Any cord will do the job" doesn't preclude the very real possibility that a great power cord will noticeably improve the performance. Just food for thought.
If that statement were true,there would not be anywhere near as much craziness in the cable world right now.Or that person has never tried different cables himself. Keep the cost down and you'll enjoy your purchase more.Good luck!
check out the lower cost AC cords from Virtual Dynamics if you prefer a solid conductor AC cord. The Virtual's are stiff; however they do retain a set once bent to fit. Contact username Jcaudio. 925-229-2484.
Rest assured that upgrade AC cords make a significant improvement over stock, which while they 'do the job' they do not do even come close to doing the best possible job. Every cord sounds different; usually you need to experiment.

check out the Mother

Absolutely Amazing!!
if you go to the cardas web site, they have a list of power cables, you can e-mail them yourself and they'll give you a recommendation. they have some affordable power cables. I actually bought a roll of audioquest power cable with a dozen ends, and made up a bunch of power cables, I could make you up a power cord for under $200 canadian that sounds awsome if you have a hard time trying to find anything else.
Good luck!
Congratulations on your preamp! Mick says that about interconnects, tubes and yes.. power cords too. Having owned a couple Suprateks, I can tell you that you should think twice before spending big bucks on the cord for this particular preamp.

The powersupply is WAY over designed (spectacular in fact) a cord with too much color or too much transparency will alter the sound of the Supratek too much and you'll be forced to fuss more with tubes to get the sound right.

I have tried all the "expensive" top of the line cords and they all do too much. The lesser ones will be the way to go for this particular instance. I plan to try the Audience Power Cord soon. I think they're under 250 new.. (but not sure)

Another owner (the person whos review is on Micks site) uses a Discovery power cord. He says its perfect for the Supratek.

Also FYI -
I have had my Supratek power supply modified to include Bybee filter devices before and after AC rectification - initially this closed in the sound tremendously and I pondered removing the Bybee's. After about 3 days, it is starting to sound better. I will keep you posted.
Audioquest AC-15 is fine and inexpensive, and with the upgraded connectors, decent built quality. Uses solid core conductors and those RFI collars.
HCM Audio has these at a 'discount', around 50-75 each, definitely one of the 'value leaders' in the cable market.
Thanks so much guys. I appreciate all of your help. I am also a believer in good power cords. I was amazed at how the Coincident power cords on my amps (Manley Retros) improved spatial qualities and musical details. In this case, however, the review on the Supratek website implied, as Bwhite said, that this preamp does not necessarily require the more expensive cords to perform very well. Thanks for all of the very good choices to consider.

Bwhite, thanks for giving us so much great information on this very fine preamp on this thread and others.