Soliciting opinions on the necessity of credit card info when only selling

I'm a new member and Audiogon was suggested by a highly respected source as the best site for buying/selling high end audio equipment but, being somewhat apprehensive about the necessity of providing credit card information when my only intent is selling as there are just too many scam artists out there.  Opinion, thanx?  
Nobody will scam you.How do you expect them to bill you when you sell stuff? Remember ebay and Craigs list are junk.
My understanding is that I would pay Audiogon up front for the ad and there would be no subsequent billing. If I have been ill informed, please correct my understanding.
There are two options when selling: pay Audiogon up front or pay a percentage based on the amount of the sale (they charge your card after the sale).

Also, providing Audiogon with a CC on file cuts down on the amount of scammers trying to register. Some scammers will not sign up if CC is required.

What about if you have to do a refund? That is what I'm thinking.

Win, Loose or Draw, the house always gets it's cut, ay....

I've NEVER had a problem at AGon when doing business through them..

I've only bought... Soon enough, we'll see on the selling..

What necessity?
The only thing I can think of is you SHOULD get a free PayPal MC. 2% back on everything. You can't get scammed on a credit card anyway The banks eat it.
Never an issue selling with a CC on file. Getting paid is a different thing. Agon wants a payment option for fees, either upfront or post sale, but either way there is a listing fee when listing that has to be paid upfront. Having said that, I’m pretty sure you can use PayPal for fees as well, but don’t quote me. 
Thats I think where I was confused about my fees selling on Audiogon.

Audiogon charges fees either upfront or post sale yet you have to pay a fee upfront for the listing.  
I guess your real choice is pay up front then pay up front again or pay up front and then pay again post sale.

Surprised there isn’t a charge somewhere in the middle
Ha, that's funny.
You have to decide which is the best deal. When selling a high priced item, it's probably better to pay a $50 or $100 flat fee rather than be billed hundreds based on percentage after the sale.

It’s not that confusing. Pay in full, flat listing fee AND posted value fee. Or, pay listing fee up front and pay the selling fee after... both are listed clearly to choose. The down side of the former is you only get the listing for 30 days. So, if you exceed that, you have to relist at the same fee. If you choose the latter route, your listing stays up, but your fees can be significantly higher. It pays IMO, to price right upfront for the quick sale.
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