Soldering - small wire to big connector

Hello, I've now tried soldering small wires (example: 24 gauge) to rca connectors.

Problem: I try to apply the solder to my wire and to the copper half-pipe stemming from the rca. But, the solder tends to run up the half-pipe toward the body of the rca, so I end up using more solder than should be necessary. Or, I end up with a lot of solder at the body of the rca and just a little solder actually affixing the wire to the half-pipe.

I assume the heat I'm putting into the wire and the copper half-pipe stemming from the rca connector is being drawn into the mass of the connector itself, so the solder runs toward the connector.

Does anybody have a suggestion on how to make a neat and efficient connection of the small wire to the rca half-pipe stem?

Thanks for considering my question. Jeff
You need to clean the RCA connector with a 400 or 600 sand paper first. Than coat the small wire and the RCA connector with solder before soldering them together.
If the RCA is gold plated, no cleaning is necessary. It should be nickeled at least- same thing. It should only need cleaning if it's copper or some other oxidized metal. Use an alligator clip on the front of the post to hold the back of the RCA upright, insert the wire into the post, apply heat evenly by touching a clean, tinned soldering iron tip to both metals to be joined. Touch the solder to the junction of the metals and it should flow nicely between them. One of these makes thing much easier: ( Here's a nice little treatise on proper technic: (
Make those typos, "things" and "technique". Ketel One's good stuff(hic)!