soldering materials

has anyone made a comparison between tin based solder vs silver solder vs copper solder ?

while on the subject of solder, what is the ideal intercae between connector and wire ?

is it solder, is it crimp, is it welding, any other method ?
Crimping (also called "cold welding") is superior to soldering. WBT, for example, recommend crimping whenever possible.
hi markphd. if one must solder, is there a preferred soldering material ?
I crimp, then add a little solder, works for me.
Warning: Crimp at your own risk if the conductor is prone to oxidation. IE Copper.
Mrtennis, I am not familiar enough with various solders to comment on their relative efficacy. The opinion I proposed on crimping is something I have read a number of times over the years, most recently, in an interview with a person at WBT.

The WBT person was describing their new NextGen connectors which use a minimum of metal. This seems to be a new development or trend in connectors. I note that the currently popular Eichmann bullet plugs also use a minimum of metal.

Anyway, the WBT person said that crimping is preferred to soldering. I don't recall the specific reason at the moment. However, the newer connectors which use a minimum of metal cannot be crimped without damaging them, so they have to be soldered. The conclusion I would draw from that is that the benefits of minimum metal outweigh the benefits of crimping over soldering.