Soldering Cardas interconnect cables


Need some help on soldering the Cardas Cross interconnect cables to the RCA plugs.

After I cut away the rubber shielding, the center core has 4 sets of cables - colored in white, green, blue and black. Just outside this set of 4, there are a few strands (copper) that goes round this set of 4 and then just underneath the external brown rubber there are a larger strand of copper cables.

Do I solder the set of 4 into the inner pin of the RCA and the external strand of copper (just beneath the brown rubber) on to the external shell of the RCA plug?

I did that and the sound through the cable was very soft. Anyone knows whats wrong or am I doing it wrongly?

Thanks for any heads up!!
If I were you and ever wanted to have the chance to resell these cables, I would send them back to Cardas & have them do the work. If you don't have the certification, they can take care of that at the same time.
You don't specify what model the cable is. Some Cardas cables have an epoxy coating (I think that's what they call it) on each strand of wire which must be removed before soldering. That's the first thing to check.
I would contact Cardas, they may provide some instruction. Otherwise, Driver has a good suggestion.
its not's a ceramic coating...very difficult to work with.
According to the Cardas web site it's "enameled." Knew I should have looked it up as I was struggling with the correct word.
And yes it is difficult to work with. I had a pair of Straightwire Blac Silc cables that I wanted to reterminate. They have a similar enamel coating which required a solder pot to remove the coating. Even though I now have a solder pot, (ebay) I'll think twice before attempting that again.
Geez, that looks like the case. I wrote to Cardas about it and they replied that it would cost $50 per single end....was planning to terminate 2 pairs which would cost $300 (2 of the ends already has Cardas RCA jack. Going to skip it I guess...don't really feel like spending the $300. Probably will list the cables for sale here for the cheap.

Any takers? Cable is the Cardas Cross.

Tks for all the advise!