Can someone recommend a temperature-controlled soldering tool for circuit board applications? Also where to buy this?
Here is a good thread to start with, and here is another.
Look at
I like my Weller Soldering Station. Adjustable 5 to 40 watts.
I second Weller if quality is what you need. carries them I believe.
Metcal and Pace are the best, period, in that order.

Hakko is better than the Weller, but still isn't a Pace.

You can buy used Pace solder Stations for around $100 on eBay, with adjustable temperature and digital tip temperature readout.

Let us know ...

i found one on ebay ,new at a good price ,check there
Thanks to all for the recommendations-I'll try to trackdown a metcal or a pace. Don't really want a used one----Powder