Solder for ank legend monoblocks?

Curious to hear recommendation of which solder to use while building Audio Note Kits Legend Parallel monoblocks.
I/m not sure if the higher priced solder is worth it.
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Any 60/40 lead rosin-core should suffice !
Weller brand used to have a very nice solder to work with. You may find NOS rolls on ebay.
It's not really that expensive. Mundorf and Cardas both make good solder.
Ask the AN Kits guys which solder they would use.
...if you use tin/silver soler, you will ruin your kit.
I used Cardas on my Bottlehead gear. I don't know if it was worth it or not but I would hate to have used the cheap stuff and wondered forever if it was. It is worth the peace of mind for what is really the tiniest drop of money in this hobby.
+2 for Cardas. Have used it for many years. Never a

It's a Quad Eutectic solder. Quad Eutectic solder
contains a proprietary blend of silver, copper, tin & lead.

It flows better than any solder I've tried.
How about WBT solders ?
I have some WBT solder and it's fine. I think the Cardas flows better.

Ditto Yogiboy
60/40 but old stock led/tin rosin core, Savbit was my pick as it also had copper in it to preserve the solder iron tip.

I don't know OS but in Australia you need to find old stock of this, as it's not ROHS approved, and the new stuff they've sub the led for something else and it's nowhere near as good.


Cheers George
I have Kester, WBT and Cardas solder. I do not care for the WBT- it doesn't flow well. Either the Kester or Cardas are good to work with.
Kester is substantially cheaper than Cardas. I suspect that Cardas is just brand that uses another manufacturer. It's always best to purchase direct rather than going through the reseller.
Just bought the Cardas Quad Eutectic due to 350 degree melting and claims of great flow.
Good choice. Should work and sound great.