Sold Polk lsi15 now what?

I have a cayin kt88 tube amp for my second system, I decided to sell my Polk audio lsi15 that were ok but not the sound I was looking for,
Now I have 800 us but I don't know how far I could go in the use market to replace them with some more sonically fulfilling and enjoyable speakers!

I mostly listen to jazz and classic rock!

Before I jump Into the wrong piece i would like to hear from the audiogone community!
someone's listing a new pair of focal cobalt 816s for around $900--i've heard 'em against the lsi15s and liked 'em much better. also saw some totem arro for $750--nice speaker. no affilaition to either seller.
I owned the Lsi15s and had a similar reaction. They did nothing wrong, quite a bit right but just didn't thrill me. Mine were replaced with Proac Response 1.5 which brought about the same reaction. Ended up pulling my trusty Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods from the closet and was immediately feeling the music. Smaller and less expensive than the Polks or Proacs but more fun to listen to.
I read in a thread just the other day someone pointing out that once you get used to a good time and phase coherent speaker it's hard to find satisfaction elsewhere. I agree with that.
In your price range I'd look for a pair of Vandersteen 2CE signatures or maybe a used Thiel model. Good luck with the search.
How about a used pair of Magnepan 1.6 for about 800 - 900 bucks.

I still have the Lsi15s but purchased the 1.7s. for a second system.

I listen mainly to jazz in its various forms.

If you have the room they are a significant improvement with exception of not being able to reach down in the bass region like the Lsi15s. It depends on the recorded bass content. About 90% or more of the time the 1.7s cover the recorded bass content.
For your musical tastes find a nice pair of Alons. I have seen V MKIIs go for $600-$1000. Fantastic on jazz and classic rock IMO.

Happy Listening.
PSB Image T65 (last year's model). Natural-sounding, room-energizing dispersion, very transparent midrange, and full, deep bass. They were $1200/pair new; now closeouts and used ones would be fairly new and should easily hit your budget.
What type of sound do you want. Use as many descriptors as apply. Listing that you like Jazz and classic rock doesn't tell me whether you like clean detailed sound or something a bit mellower. The Alons have the rich sort of full/big tone if BigKidz knows your preferences for some reason.
I agree with Mechans that you should elaborate on what you are looking for in terms of sound. In a previous life I sold hifi and Polk was one of the brands we carried. the LSI15s were a nice speaker when driven with enough power clean power to control that 10' woofer (150+ solid state watts). You may have been underpowering them. I ultimately chose Focal 816s because I liked their brighter treble and quicker, tighter bass presentation that could be driven by a nice Japanese surround receiver.
I also own the POlk LSi15's.
I just auditioned Usher BE 718 Tiny Dancer speakers.
They are stand mounted speakers.
Usher also has Mini Dancer 1's which are floor standing.
Check them out.
There is a guy on the Club Polk site selling a pair of the BE 718's for $1500.00.
They retail fro just under $3000.00.