Sold my Naim Nate 2, lots of regrets.

recently sold my Naim Nate 2 for 400. I now think I made the biggest mistake. Has anyone owned the Nate and found it to be superior to many pre/power combos? I purchased some Sonographe gear and feel the Nait in retrospect was better. Any one else with similar experiences?
That's a bummer when one makes a change to the system only to realize that it was better before! I had a Nait once (i think its NAIT as opposed to NATE..) I was quite impressed by the sheer musicality of it. It was very good at getting you into the rythem of the music. I did find that it was very picky as to which speakers it liked, favoring english speakers like Linns and Epos. Never had Naim speakers... Anyway, your new amplification - Sonographe - is a whole different creature. It's a completely different sound. Perhaps your speakers and wires were better suited for the Nait. All in all, there is something to be said for a one box amplification system, as opposed to separates. Besides, the Nait is so cute and loveable, letting one go is like leaving a puppy in the kennel. You're gonna miss it :(
I too had a Nait2 at one time. It was a wonderful integrated amp and worked very well with Kef Reference Ones. I upgraded along the Naim hierarchy, and wasn't satisfied until reaching the level of an 82 pre powered by two hi-caps and a pair of 135 amps with SBL speakers (have gone further since). If you like the sound of Naim equipment you should explore that route, as you may have difficulty finding other brands that please you as much.