Sold in one day

Someone listed an ARC ref-75 yesterday with the SE upgrade. Didn't last a day.
I guess someone had their eye out for that amp. I saw another non-SE REF75 on here for $6300 and it's a couple of days old...
Wow didn't know that
I woke up this morning. Good thing.
What did you want to say about that quick sale?
Back in the Agon wasn't atypical to sell things (at a fair price) within an hour. I personally have bought and sold things almost instantly upon list.
I've sold many items in one day. I typically keep my stuff in good condition, ask the lower side of the going rate and it moves.
How do you know the seller didn't withdraw the item?
Plato, that one is black and they seem to sell at a discount. Most ARC people want silver.
Dweller, because they had a feature ad and those aren't cheap.
I've sold stuff in one hour. What's the big deal? I have also had
things sit for weeks with no action.
if priced right or reasonable the item will sell. Some here have pie in the sky and won't budge at all when it comes to excepting a reasonable price. It's their lose and our gain in the long run.
Anyone else notice a lot of ambitious pricing these days? Eg, second owners asking 80% of retail ("easily a 10") for electronics that are several years old.

Or is the used market especially strong?
Jdoris, I think the people who are asking top dollar just sit on the piece. I have sold quite a few Items on here and if I am willing to be reasonable the Item usually sells in a couple of weeks. I would rather turn the Item rather than holding out for the last dollar.
Generally I am conservative in pricing what i sell so that it moves. Also when I buy knowing I often will sell the item. I have sold many items within the 1st day.

In regards to items I would like to buy that are severely overpriced, I will not bother making offer, dislike lowballing. However I feel justified in offering 80% of asking price if I feel that is a truer measure of an items value.
After reading Oregonpapa's excellent review of his ARC 75SE upgrade experience I took interest in the ad Taters noted. Sold in one day eh? Probably purchased by Wolfgarcia. ;)
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Timrhu said: "After reading Oregonpapa's excellent review of his ARC 75SE upgrade experience I took interest in the ad Taters noted. Sold in one day eh? Probably purchased by Wolfgarcia."

*lol* ... I just spewed a fresh cup of home roasted Guatemalan coffee all over my computer screen.

I sold my "old" REF-75 here on Agon in 12 hours. I gave the buyer a smokin' deal. He helped me and I helped him. It was a nice transaction where everyone felt as though they walked away from the table with a fair shake. To me, that' successful negotiating.
I always price my stuff very fairly. It always sells within a few days. I've had several 1st day sales.

I had listed an item that I mentioned that I would not sell internationally. I did not want to go through the hassle of shipping internationally with all that paperwork I had a buyer in Germany insist that I sell it to him. He paid me a serious premium for my item and arranged everything.

If you have great item and price it fairly, it will move quickly.

I bought and paid for my Sansui Tu-X1 tuner off of eBay within two hours of its listing. The buyer told me that he'd received several offers way above his asking price after I'd already won the item. He had no idea the item was so coveted.

I'm waiting for an Audio Research Ref-5 SE to drop into my range, I'll pull the trigger on that sucker in a split second.
Mitch T, there is one for sale right now in the classifieds.
It could be smoke and mirrors, maybe it was just relisted. Never the less it is a reference product and who don't love Audio Research.
When I sell, which is not that often, I tend to go well under market, and have several times sold nice pieces for what the 'Gon bluebook indicates is an all time low. I want a quick sale, and I want the buyer, if at all possibble, to be a very happy camper.

I also tend to list most pieces, even very clean ones, as a 7/10; I just don't want any disappointment (obviously, this interacts with my low pricing). A minor pet peeve of mine is people who list older, well-used, pieces at 10/10. Really? Did you turn that sucker on and off with telekinesis?

Philosophically, although I am far from extravagant by the standards here, I expect to spend a little money on the hobby; I feel little compulsion to make money or break even. If I enjoy a piece for a few years, and come a out a bit behind on the sale, I feel just fine.

Of course, I'm a light trader; YMMV.

Occasionally I buy or sell in one day or less, but more often than not it takes quite a bit longer. I usually start selling on other free sites first, before throwing money at Audiogon to pay to sell an item.

In this hobby, patience is a virtue, as a buyer and as a seller, and can save one a lot of money. Impulse buying/selling is a luxury that I can rarely afford.

If you know the market, and the item is priced aggressively, than buying quickly makes sense. Just as if you really need to move something quickly, aggresive pricing makes sense.
Just as in many other aspects outside of the audio world time= money. It depends on which you have more of as to your buying/selling strategies.
I think also supply and demand applies here. A few years ago I noticed that certain familiar items were listed for a few hundred dollars less then they are now, as there was more of the same item listed for sale. Now once in awhile they rarely make an appearance on the used market and the seller is asking a premium price.

I can tell you that I have sold and purchased many items over the past few years and more recently, unless you have something rare and special, you can't expect a fast sale anymore like back in the day.
The 'good stuff' doesn't come up often and won't last long, here. I have a few items on my list that if I see them, Im nailing it. My Jeff Rowland preamp came up and I bought it and it was the first day. My email was 10th in but the 1st "I'll take it", so I became the luckiest audiophile in the world that day. Today, it may be you.
I'm with Cerrot. If there is something I'm looking for, and it doesn't come up often - then if the price is reasonable, I just pay the asking price.

A few months ago, a Ref 75 came up, which I'd been looking for for a few weeks. The price was $6000, and I took it - and I know the seller had other offers.

If I wanted to get the amp for $5700 or $5800, then if I were patient, maybe I could find it for that price. Though if I went that way, I'd still be looking for the amp months later - and then if one camp up, I might very well miss out anyway.
6000.00 for a Ref-75 is a very good price. Most of the time they are asking 7000.00. I don't know if they actually get that price.
Cerrot, an audiophile friend (John) and I discussed this matter between ourselves and both agreed that if you see an item for sale that you really want, you should not try and lowball the seller, rather offer the full asking price especially if it's priced sensibly. So I agree with your reasoning if you want something bad enough.
Another quality taters post. We are not worthy......

I bought my house that way, by offering full price. I found our from my realtor after we made our offer that there were three other offers...all less than mine. We moved in a a little while later. I just look at the value and if I can afford it and if it seems fair. Many haggle just for sport, just to get the upper hand, walk away with something a little extra. Me? You don't come around on payday sticking your hand in my pocket, why should I stick mine in yours.
I agree that $6000 is a good price. Even at that price, several other buyers had put in even lower offers, before I came along and offered full price. Lucky for me I guess :)
I am confused, I mean if you know what you want and you really want it, why bother waiting for it to pop up on AudiogoN?
Why not just buy a new one?
Since money doesn't seem to be an issue for you Cerrot.
Jmcgrogan2, I'm willing to bet that most people are financially impacted one way or another by previous and current economic conditions, some more so than others. Also I think that depressions, recessions, and wars are intentionally created to give the elite (the rich) more money and power. If you want to know what's wrong with America you only need to follow the money trail, you would be shocked to see what's at the end.

I don't know if Cerrot has any financial restrictions when it comes to buying audio but I was guilty of going overboard once in awhile myself but that is not the case now as it is not "THE" most important thing for myself but we all have had our day in the sun.
PhDs, you must love the Bilderburg group.
Taters, great bunch of people. They are very influential yet they are not elected by anyone and don't answer to anyone.
It's insisting these amps are utterly overpriced and marketed to naive suckers, I can drive the prices down to where I would buy one...then immediately sell it back onto the naive sucker market which, apparently, is booming.
JMcgrogan2, some things can't be brought new any longer. My preamp is not in production any longer and used gives me quite a bargain and it is already broken in. I got an $18,000 preamp for $9,800. In our realm of high end audio, these products are usually taken care of better than ones children. Buying used is a big part of the hobby for me (agreed, I have been VERY fortunate). It is fun and I would not normally justify spending $18k for a preamp. $9800 was a no brainer (for me).
Phd ...

Have you ever considered that perhaps the "problem with America" lies at the feet of rotten politicians who collect $300,000 for each one hour speech, bank 100s of millions of dirty dollars, and then with their slick salesmanship, convince the dupes that the so called 1% are the evildoers? Equal opportunity trumps equal outcomes any day of the week.

Happy listening.
Oregonpapa, yes I have taking into account that many politicians are at the core of corruption and agree with your statement. If there exists an evil entity who's main objective was to completely take over the USA but had to go through the back door using corrupt politicians, they wouldn't have to look too far.
What a great country we live in where you can make 300k for a 1 hour speech and bank millions of dollars of dirty money. Then blame it on the 1 percenters.
Not to go too far off track and get into a political debate, but politicians are only puppets. Go ahead, throw your tomatoes at the puppets if that brings you a sense of relief. That's how the puppetmaster prefers the show to go anyway.
@Jmcgrogan2 You are exactly right.
Jmc grogan 2 is right. The man is still running the show. The puppets are there for distraction.
+1 Acman3- As Walter Kelly said "We have met the enemy and he is us".
I check Agon each day (and sometimes more) to browse and also to see if certain items turn up for sale. I know there are a few components that, if they're priced right, I'll bid on or buy instantly if they're listed.
JMC is right. We are dumb enough to allow it.
I missed the reason we are talking about politicians in an audio thread. Are the past presidents of whom you speak into keeping audio prices unnecessarily high.
I learned that their Honoraria run as high as 1$,000,000.00 and not atypically $500,000.00 . What we should be demanding since they are puppets for the "man" is lower prices for really superior audio.
You know they ( the men and puppets)are keeping the secret of the absolute sound in a mountain deep underground in area 52, that's next to area 51 where the technology was stolen from.
Mechans just a small distraction to see if we know as much about the state of the union as we do audio. I feel good that many other Audiophiles are aware. Lets continue the audio discussion and proceed with the Op's original thread, Sold in one day.

I remember several years ago selling within 24 hours most everything I listed for sale. I also recall selling many items thinking that I could eventually buy them back, it turned out to be harder than originally thought.
Phd - I agree. When I sold off my first system back in 2003 during a divorce, everything sold quickly - Maggies, ARC's, Musical Fidelity, Blue Circle - everything. Granted, I was living in the Baltimore/DC area and so the population (and money) was tremendous, but this was also pre-recession and pre-digital/Netflix/iTunes/music server era.

And I remember getting asking price or close to asking price for every component. In fact, when I was moving up the line and selling off a pair of Rogue Audio M180 monoblocks, the buyer simply paid my asking price with the note "I'll take 'em...". No haggling, no low-balls.

Now, it seems things take a while to sell and the first few bids are always humorously low. By humorously, I mean 50%-65% of the asking price.