Solar Flares keep coming

I dont know how much anyone follows this stuff, in the Telecom world this can have a pretty big impact.

Tuesday the sun released what is believed to be the largest solar flare in recorded history

These are rated X1 to X20. In 1989 and 2001 X20 flares were reported, and were the largest in recorded history.

Apparently this next one is off the charts, IE well beyond X20. Apparently another flare looks to erupt soon as well

Just a heads up for all you Tech-lovin fools like me.
No problems here so far in the Bermuda Triangle
I h ve notic d no detrim ntal ef ects f om th sol r fl res th t have be n rep rted thus fa . Any ne else obser ed any prob ems?
Solar flares are just part of the "axis of evil". Just ask Dubya and Mr. Ashcroft. It's a carefully disguised terror attack. Washington announced earlier today a Pentagon program aimed a "snuffing out" the sun as part of the on-going "war-on-terror" :)
I'm playing a loop of "It's The End of the World As We Know It" tonight! ;)
Slipknot1, ROTFLMAO! The scary thing is, you're probably right. Come to think of it, when I stare into the sun directly, I can swear I see Osama bin Laden!
I felt it enhanced detail and broadend the soundstage by adding more bass. I did notice it also got dark around 6PM again
From the sound of it this stuff aint ending any time soon.

The funny thing is, ever since these solar flares have started occurring, i feel much much more powerful!

in fact, i destroyed 6 keyboards just writing this message!

However the boils are really beginning to hurt.

i guess everyting has a downside eh?

Slipknot1, I have it on very good authority that when the Pentagon asked Dubya just how he was going to get close enough to snuff out the sun, he said, " We'll do it at night!"
Slipknot1, I think it's a "mean-spirited right wing Republican conspiracy" as Hillary would say! And be careful what you say about our beloved (may he live for a 1000 years) Herr Ashcroft! The Feds are probably on their way to YOUR home this very instant to serve a no-knock and unsigned search warrant issued under the Homeland Security Act! As the lyrics from an XTC song state, "Knuckle down, boy!"
To go with the mood, I'll put on 'Set the controls for the heart of the Sun' by Pink Floyd.
I find the off-topic political smears highly distasteful. Slipknot and others offer nothing of substance, no facts, no real humor, only insults. The moderators should delete this thread. Far less offensive threads have been removed from this forum in the past.
I find the off-topic political smears highly entertaining.

Slipknot, you rule.

FatParrot, you da man.

Hate to say it, Thsalmon, but you did not exactly have anything on topic to say either, nor was it of anything of substance or factual, or funny.

Let them say what they want to say. Whats wrong with a little bit of levity? If you dont like what they are saying, just dont read it. Im sure there are other posts of "What amp should i buy" or "this speaker or that speaker" which you wont have to worry about "off topic" remarks.
Thsalmon, LIGHTEN UP! It's still a free country, for a little while, anyway. If you don't like what your reading, the just don't read it, instead of asking for a deletion of this thread! Go play some of your favorite tunes, have your favorite drink (or smoke), and RELAX AND BE HAPPY!
Hey Slappy, what's the most expensive speaker that you can "buy"?

Ans: Speaker of the House! Bada-bing, Bada-bong!
Fat parrot, thats kinda funny, ya know, the other day i was watching an address from the speaker, and as he walked off stage i could SWEAR i saw a sting on his back that you could pull.

Maybe Mr. Bush will use one of those "weapons of mass destruction" he's gonna find in Iraq to snuff out the sun.

What can I say? Get over yourself man, have a laugh or two..