Solar Electric/Battery Driven System?

Has anyone looked into or completed a Solar Electric/Battery for your audio system's dedicated AC line to get it totally on the power grid? I know its basically a crazy question- given ball parking the potential expenses, still it might have some interesting pluses and minuses worth discussing. Your thoughts?
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See this thread.
Thanks Tvad for the pointer to your thread. Nice job!!!! I guess the planets were aligned in July for this topic. Still why didn't my inputs into search not find it your thread???

In your thread the batteries based ideas deserve looking at. Reads like they work and are simplier than solar panels. Maybe we could flush out some specific goals.Battery life, dc or ac, best recharging methods, costs, lowest noise and dynamic punch - finally iit has to sound like better music from you untilities. that deserve somemore thinking about it by me to see if I can make some improvements making them even easier to in produce music.

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If you are planning solar power, the advances in the area in the last 10 years have been profound. I wouldn't worry too much about the amplifier technology. If you are serious about solar power, the other items in your home (usually lighting, appliances) will be the areas that draw the significant power. But huge advances have occurred in that department also. So you should be able to operate most amplifiers around as long as you don't leave them on 24 hours a day.