Software Upgrade for Proceed AVP-S?

Hi All,

Does anyone have the software upgrades for the Proceed AVP-S? I understand there's a cable involved, too. I'd be happy to pay shipping both ways or even buy the upgrade outright. I'm not sure which version software I'm running, but I know that I can't run multiple subs, which is primarily what I'm interested in the software upgrade for.


Jason, the last released version of software was v3.32. To
identify the version you are running under menu there is a
heading called "about" if you are running 3.32 you will see:

AVP ID: 06210211
DSP ID: 0374:6

As for multiple subs, I don't think any software addressed
that. You need to use a y-cable (adaptor) on the sub out
rca connector.

Thanx. I'm running v1.0, if you know where I can get later software, I'd be very grateful. I thought that in later versions of the software, the additional 2 pre-amp outputs could be tasked for multiple subwoofers. The manual mentions the potential, however, it never really describes the process of turning it on, so I assumed this was addressed in later software versions. In fact, even the OSD hints at that possiblility, by stating that you can have subwoofer set at None or One (leaving implied that there might have at some point be more than one!)
Jason, I stand corrected, I just the read manual (but don't
tell anyone). It does state: "Stereo Subs: you may also elect
to use stereo subwoofers, in which case the regular sub output
will handle left and Aux 1 will handles the right.".

As for the software, you wil need both the upgrade software as
well as the installer program (pc based) and a serial cable
with a RJ-11 to a DSUB9.

Good luck
Got the files, built my own cable, downloaded the updates.
As soon as I get home I'll let you guys know how it worked out!
WHOO HOO! I've got Dual Subs! Still have to play with the configuration, but I've got DUAL SUBS!!!

Call Harmon Specialty Group. I found them to be very helpful and they'll send you the charge.
rather than start a new thread , does anyone have the cable I can use ? or tell me how to make the cable.
Hello everyone,

I just purchased an AVP and I would like to upgrade the software.
Could anyone help me with downloading the software and the install instructions? Also, any information regarding the required cable?

Thank you very much for help!