Software to rip CD for lumin A1 streamer

Please help. I am new to digital music and do not know what I am doing. Sorry for the long text.

1. What software is most easy and convenient for ripping CDs to use with Lumin A1? I have about 3000 CDs need to rip to my HDD. 
I used Jriver to rip some of my cds and stored them on an external HDD and can play the music on my computer with JRiver player. It displays the pictures of the albums as well as the track listing.
Just connected my newly arrived Lumin A1 and updated the firmware. I used Lumin App on my IPad to control the A1. The App recognized the external hard drive with the tittle of the album but there is no displayed images of the albums and no play button on Lumin App to play. Interestingly it automatically plays the audio book with MP3 format. Since the playing button is not visible I just can not stop it

2. There are lots of discussion about Roon. How is it compared to Jriver?
3. Should I try to use Jremote instead of Lumin App to control the A1?

Thanks  for your helps.


Dbpoweramp is the best.  Get the pro version.  Makes a big difference.  Rip to .wav format only if you care about sonics.  If you want all of the tags, then FLAC.

If you are using Mac, then XLD is free.  Also very good.

Good idea to get a good cleaner/treatment for the disks and treat them before ripping so you get the best read.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Thanks all, especially Steve, for inputs to DbPoweramp.
I bought the software and rip couples CDs for testing the A1. I sounds fantastic !

Adele "hello" is so lively.... likes the sound stage of her concert we attended.
Wife approves :)