Software Recommendation - CD Ripping to FLAC

What easy-to-use software would you recommend for ripping CDs to FLAC in a Windows environment?

What about for configuring playlists?
JRiver Media Jukebox 12.....It's free,fairly easy to operate/set up and sounds great.
EAC is the best ripping software but can be complicated to use if you want to know what all the settings are instead of just accepting the defaults. Poikosoft is probably the best combination of ease of use and quality verification in my view. EAC is free, but Poikosoft will run you about $30.

Or, you can just use iTunes 8 since it seems to be nearly universal in it's appeal as a library and playback tool - plus it's free. Riping in "secure" mode does some validation of the data, but not as sophisticated as EAC or Poikosoft.

Have fun!