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Hello Audiogoners,
I've been impressed with the auto setup of some receivers that use Audyessy. Is there anything like this that can be used for a computer, that one could add in after the fact?

I'd love to hear answers to the same question.

Spent some time seeking to research DRC (digital room correction). One way to go is the additional hardware route, something along the lines of the Lyngdorf, Audyessy-made (now discontinued) stand-alone box, etc. An option, but an option that includes a DAC. If you already have a separate outboard DAC, going from analog to digital and then back to analog again seems, well, silly. And when you get right down to it, if you're coming from a digital computer source already (Mac Mini, in my case) seems silly not to have the software processing in the same box.

For Mac, far as I know, there's no simple answer. First, being that I use Itunes with an ad-on (Bit Perfect), there's no compatibility with plugins. In order to get that working, you need something like Audio Hijack Pro. That grabs the output from Bit Perfect and allows for the addition of plugins (software to run the DRC). From there, the one that had caught my eye is the ARC System from IK Multimedia. This is built around the Audyessy engine, and allows you to run it as a plugin on top of Itunes/Bit Perfect -- provided you first grab the signal with Audio Hijack Pro in order to let you apply plugins.

Far as I know, this daffy patchwork is the only way to make it go under my circumstances. Haven't tried it to see how / how well it may work, but there you go.

Any other or better options, or feedback regarding whether the patchwork is worth the effort, would be super fine. Many thanks.
I could swear that I saw something recently advertised by Neal at Sound Science where he was adding room correction software to his line of Music Vault music servers (which are essentially specialized computers). I can't find it now (after a brief search) but I'd give him a call and see what he says.
Thanks for the response Mezmo. I seriously thinking about trying something like this, but the main application I'm thinking about applying it to is some streaming program like Spotify or MOG. Would that work?
I've been nosing around looking for more DRC options, and I found Fidelify, a program that looks promising for integrating spotify. It allows the use of VST plugins like ARC system 2 to be used on the spotify files. Also, it's in beta, so it think the download is free. I might try and work with it a bit later tonight.

Here's a link for those interested:
I'm also thinking about getting the KRK Ergo and running a firewire straight to it from my MacBook Pro. These can be picked up for as low as $349 if they are refurbished. One worry that I have about this product is that it has 1/4" outputs that would need to be changed to RCA with an adapter. Is that a bad thing?
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