Software for Burning CD's??

Can anybody on this forum give me some direction on where to get or download software/freeware to burn CD's? I got a CD-RW last year and just now am getting around to burning some CD's. I tried to use Adaptec Easy CD Creator, but it doesn't seem to user-friendly. HELP!! Thanks, Mark White
There was a recent thread titled "Software for CD-Recording" that I found informative. You might look there for some information on software choices and opinions.

I'm not sure if you are having problems with the software itself, or just dislike the user interface, however, I initially had difficulties in trying to get my burner to work correctly, and had to try several disk brands before I found one that I could use reliably. In my case it may very well have been the hardware and not the software though. My family has been using it for data and music files fairly reliably, with a pretty low failure rate since.

Best of luck.

The Adaptec program works very well - are you saying you are having trouble getting it to work or that you just don't like the way it works? If you're having trouble getting it to work, maybe you could describe the problems you're having and get some advice on how to solve those problems.
Thanks for the responses. I think I will get an IDE so that I don't have to download to my harddrive as an intervening step before burning the disc. Adaptec EZ Creator seems user-friendly, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work, but then I am a PC moron. I will find some 11-year-old to show me how to do it!! Thanks, Mark
Try EAC (Exact Audio Copy) - The program makes exact duplicates, Adaptec has some issues.
Easy CD Creator is a breeze. Just put the disk in. Select the drive it is in. Select the track you want and drag it to the bottom window. Select it, go to track menu,click on save as wave file. When you have done this with all the tracks you want, Put the CDR on, Click on create cd from the file menu, find the folder that contains the saved wave files, and you will be done. Unfortunately I think you have to save them to either your internal or an external drive (save as wave file) in order to do this. I also found a program on the web that converts MP3 files, like those from Napster, to wave files. This could be part of your problem. They need to be wave files in order to write them.