Software and High-Quality Music

I want to find out a software which is the best to play High-Quality stereo music (24Bit 192Khz) as well as compitible with Mac OS X. I compared iTunes and Audirvana but I can't recognize the difference. Do you have any tangible results about these softwares or any suggestion.

Thanks in advance,
I'm a Windows & JRiver fellow so I can't answer your question, but recently I did happen across an article that you might find helpful:
I use Audirvana Plus and could not be happier with it. Before Audirvana I used Amarra HiFi, IMHO not as good at revealing detail as Aurdirvana.
I second Mgattmch wrt Audirvana Plus.

JRiver is developing a version of their software for OS X, but seems a ways away from a reliable software package. Very good with windows.
I tried Windows Media player and while I'm done with that. I started checking into programs and I found J Rivers which seems to be working quite well I've been having difficulty getting set up because there is no manual you basically look everything up on the Internet. Take a look at that and if you like it, It's about $50, but if you Google J Rivers coupon you get $10 off with the code on the website.

Thank you very much for your response :)