Looking to venture into SET territory. Does anyone have or tried the Softone 300B amp and willing to offer their opinion on its strengths and weaknesses---or an alternative, similarly priced SET amp-around $1,000. I would like to get a taste with minimum investment before taking a full plunge. Thanks for your feedback.
It's been quiet some time since your post so I hope you will see this or someone who knows you will give you notice about this review.  You probably can't call me an audiophile because I believe so many things are just hype; i.e., power cords; but this is about the Softone Model 300B (current model).  This won't be long, I'll just say that it is a fantastic amp no matter what the cost.  The packaging was excellent and DHL delivery is fantastic in my case.  The build quality is excellent although it is what I would call a refined industrial look.  For me that is okay as I'm all about the music.  The stock tube are excellent after about 15 minutes of warm up.  I have a pair of Gold Lion 300B and they do sound better but not night an day difference. I have several 12AU7 tube (ElectroHarmonix, Gold Lion, Mallard, etc).  All sound a little different but not really that noticeable.  When I received the Amp one of the 300B tubes was noisy.  I emailed that information to Softone and the next day he had a set of tube on the way.  Only one was bad but he said they should be a matched pair for best results.  Four days later I had the new tubes and they worked just fine.  They will serve as my backups.  I'm currently using the Gold Lion/Electroharmonic setup.  The sound is fantastic.  I'm most pleased with the service after the sale.  I was very skeptical about ordering from out of the country.  I paid $880.00 plus $184.00 shipping. I'm using a tube preamp built by Don Sachs.  Also a fantastic piece of equipment. I have open baffle speakers that I build myself and Magnepan MMG's.  This amp is not powerful enough for the MMG's so I am using my open baffle speakers.  The sound fantastic.  From my experience I whole heartedly recommend buying from Softone Audio.  I plan to order his DAC soon.
I too want to try but not much information and reviews.. is the bass response on the Softone?