Looking to venture into SET territory. Does anyone have or tried the Softone 300B amp and willing to offer their opinion on its strengths and weaknesses---or an alternative, similarly priced SET amp-around $1,000. I would like to get a taste with minimum investment before taking a full plunge. Thanks for your feedback.
It's been quiet some time since your post so I hope you will see this or someone who knows you will give you notice about this review.  You probably can't call me an audiophile because I believe so many things are just hype; i.e., power cords; but this is about the Softone Model 300B (current model).  This won't be long, I'll just say that it is a fantastic amp no matter what the cost.  The packaging was excellent and DHL delivery is fantastic in my case.  The build quality is excellent although it is what I would call a refined industrial look.  For me that is okay as I'm all about the music.  The stock tube are excellent after about 15 minutes of warm up.  I have a pair of Gold Lion 300B and they do sound better but not night an day difference. I have several 12AU7 tube (ElectroHarmonix, Gold Lion, Mallard, etc).  All sound a little different but not really that noticeable.  When I received the Amp one of the 300B tubes was noisy.  I emailed that information to Softone and the next day he had a set of tube on the way.  Only one was bad but he said they should be a matched pair for best results.  Four days later I had the new tubes and they worked just fine.  They will serve as my backups.  I'm currently using the Gold Lion/Electroharmonic setup.  The sound is fantastic.  I'm most pleased with the service after the sale.  I was very skeptical about ordering from out of the country.  I paid $880.00 plus $184.00 shipping. I'm using a tube preamp built by Don Sachs.  Also a fantastic piece of equipment. I have open baffle speakers that I build myself and Magnepan MMG's.  This amp is not powerful enough for the MMG's so I am using my open baffle speakers.  The sound fantastic.  From my experience I whole heartedly recommend buying from Softone Audio.  I plan to order his DAC soon.
I too want to try but not much information and reviews.. is the bass response on the Softone?
Hi gofishme2,
please tell us more about the Open Baffle speakers you are using with this amp. I want to build myself a pair too..
I had the now deleted Soft tone 2A3 SE Triode amp to play around with, and believe it or not it sounded great at big levels driving these.

Cheers George
george, looking at the picture its hard to tell whether or not you're joking. Is this a serious feedback or you're just being funny?
or you’re just being funny?

No, just ask Al from DEQX, after he heard it with the Goldmund’s, he bought the Softone off me that day for $1.5k

We played a trick on him when he first walked in we hid the minuscule Softone behind the equipment rack, behind a massive Threshold amp that looked to be the amp he was listening to.

You must understand though, those original Goldmund  Apologue speakers were passive and are a very easy impedance load and around 100db efficiency.

Cheers George
   did you try the $800 softone 300b amp? I also am saving for a Don Sachs preamp $3.2k, having never tried tubes but Don's is a very expensive hit & will use all my savings for a year. My equipment chain is ead ovation 8 preamp, ATI 1505 (5 channel 150 watts/ channel) amp, Thiel 2.1 floorstander speakers, schiit gungnir dac, CXN streamer dac.

Only see 2 of don sachs items sold on audiogon for last 3 years,but do not expect I could sell the $800 softone for much, given its low cost & lack of reputation.
No, I did not pull the trigger. I'm still very interested, but currently driving my Tekton Lore Reference speakers to great satisfaction with a custom EL34 tube amp by Jim Nichols--a disciple of Lance Cochran. 
Hi Everyone,

My Softone 300b amp needs repair.
Does anyone know where I can have it fixed in the USA or Canada?