Softest/Warmest digital coaxial cables?

Hello, (new user here but long time lurker)

I was wondering which brand (there are so many!! I'm lost) you would recommend for a cable that sounds  warmer/softer/more musical/organic than others?
Think of it like a Cardas golden cross type of sound but with coaxial if that makes sense.
Thanks a lot for your help!

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What's your budget? And which components are you using?

harshness and unnatural sharpness in tone from the digital source often a sign of jitter or other electrical noise in the signal transfer

'warmer' cables may just be a band aid for the underlying problem
To give you a little background of who I am, I've been making music for close to 8 years now (mostly as a recording engineer), and I've had the pleasure to try a lot of expensive gear, as well as cables along the years. So I know cables definitely sound different, I don't want to enter this debate because it is already settled in my mind, but as far as digital cables go, I admit I don't have much experience that's why I was hoping some people in the audiophile sphere could chime in and help me.

I'm producing mainly 50s/60s type of music, which are very slow/warm/dense/musical/organic and often in mono and that's why I'm interested in cables that are the opposite of silver and clarity, details etc... I'm searching for density, warmth, big soft sound.

As far as my set-up, I would put those cables between JCF 8 audio converters and my Appolo UAD sound car when I record.
As far as budget goes, I don't care saving up if it's for quality. But of course I won't spend 5000$ on cables, more in the 500$ish or less. A bit more if it's amazing.
as you are experienced in the field i am sure you are aware that electrical transmission of digital data waveforms are fundamentally different than analog ones, where silver cables often brighten the sound, copper ones add warmth etc etc

here is a potentially useful reference --

i personally have had very good experiences with cullen’s digital cables as well as those made with belden cables by blue jeans... very cost effective... i do not hear a difference from much more expensive ones i have tried that were ’highly recommended’ in many forums in my digital front end -- in which i have chosen carefully to minimize jitter and other digital artifacts

good luck

Thank you! Checking this out. Hope the author is legit.
Acoustic Zen and the High Fidelity Reveal digital coax are cables that have a smooth, organic presentation. You could say the High Fidelity cables have a touch of warmth. These cables are at the high end of your budget.

Thanks a lot! Checking those out.

Does any of you have any experience with AudioQuest cables?
aq cables are just fine, well made, neutral

don't go up their line into the crazy expensive ones (true for any brand of wire)... you are just paying for the owners' home renovation...  :)
Fuzzy warm kittens cables by Garfield. 
Canare makes a very good coaxial cable and it’s very affordable. I’d start there but give it time to break in to open up. Can be purchased all over the Web and probably Amazon as well.
Thanks a lot for the recommendations!