Soft, smooth organic SS integrated amps?

Aside from the Sugden A21 series, what other more "budget" solid state amps (under $2K new or used) in your experience with at least 25 wpc manufactured within 20 years offer a really smooth, organic sound? I don't want to go the tubes route again. I'm thinking Heed, Arcam (at least the older, pre class G era)? What else in your experience?
Exposure 2010S, not 2010 or 2010S2. Ranges from $600-750 depending on options and condition. Read the Art Dudley Stereophile review. It's accurate to what I have found. It has sounded great with classic JBL L112 and also with Klipsch Heresy IV and Triangle speakers. It's very engaging while never being too brash. I've had many more expensive separates that didn't give me anywhere near this much musical satisfaction.

Good luck!