Soft Dome tweeter

Anyone know of a way to restore a soft dome tweeter that has been pushed in? 
Sometimes they will just pop back out on their own. Might take a few days. Happened with mine but so long ago I forget how long it took.

Or you could try a little suction. Not vacuum cleaner suction. Although you could use a vacuum cleaner and a straw which if you hold it just right should have just enough suction to pull it out without damage. Practice on something like paper first.
If none of the ideas above work, depending on the tweeter, you may be able to disassemble the tweeter and reform the dome after you have removed it from the motor.

See if there are 3 small screws right around the dome, if so, this could work.

I've use good electrical tape (softer is better), cut into thin slices. I fold the tape BACKWARDS, sticky side out. Just that tiny tip (1/16-1/4") wide of sticky does the trick EVERY TIME. Thin is the key You don't have to use ONE thin slice, BIG DENTS, may take a couple pieces at a time. Kinda like pulling a dent in panel, try to REVERSE the way it was put there.
You may also have to push the dome in to get the tape to stick the way you want, don't be to bullish, BUT don't be afraid, works every time for me, unless they are torn. The "DABBING" effect work if both surfaces are sticky. A lot of SDs are. REAL BAD smash I've used a fine dental pick and sealed the holes with polish or tiny dab of WET silicone, Flex seal works perfect.

Nail polish and a few FINE threads aught to do. If no funds are available.  I've done that more than once, when I was  younger. yup yup!!

The vacuum thing does work if you use the adjustment on the hose (vary the vent hole size) so it won't tear the dome off.  I've seen small divots come back out, when they warm up then cool down a bit.

I've taken them apart also, lol be careful with that one. Take your time. It took me a few tries, and a couple of domes to get that one down. Thank goodness they weren't Morels or something really spendy. Easy Peasy..

If the above does not work, and you want to make sure it is perfect (especially if an expensive tweeter), call Bill at Millersound and see what he can do.  Highest recommendation possible.
Tape, good one.Disassemble???! Lord help anyone reads his posts for anything other than their (meager) entertainment value.
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  Soft Dome tweeter

Anyone know of a way to restore a soft dome tweeter that has been pushed in? jakesleg57

Read this that I posted at another molested tweeter thread.

Cheers George.

I want to thank everyone that weighed in on my post. I went the tape route with my own twist. I went to my toolbox and found a wrench (5mm) that was I tiny bit smaller than the dent. I then took a thin piece of duct tape (really can be used for anything!) and placed it on the closed end of the wrench and pressed the tape into the dent. worked like a charm! Again thanks for the input.