soft dome speakers

i'm in the market for some bookshelf speakers that cost under $1200pr new. after hearing some different brands i noticed that my ears seem to prefer soft dome tweeters vs. metal and horns. i liked a set of ushers that were out of my price range and the totem mites. what other companies have bookshelves with soft tweeters??? any recommendations
I'm another who generally prefers soft dome tweeters. They seem to be less irritating over the long haul. In your price range look at the Quad L series and the Polk Audio LSi speakers. My preference is the Polks, especially the LSi7; a great little speaker that disappears and has detail without offending the ears.
Dynaudio Excite X12's list for $1200.
Lots of bookshelf speakers use soft domes. Vienna Acoustics, Dynaudio, Reference 3a, Usher, Quad, PMC, Spendor, Fritz, Morel, Sonus Faber, Silverline Audio, RBH, LSA, and others, I'm sure. FWIW, I tend to agree with you. Some people are more sensitive to the ringing metal domes typically produce. Also, I think a lot of this has to do with the voicing and crossover design. The KEF Referrence line, which uses metail tweeters, sounds as smooth as silk to my ears. Also, you might want to audition speakers that use ribbon tweeters. Although they don't sound like soft domes, they sure don't sound like metal domes, either, IMHO.
I am in the soft dome boat;I have usher rw729's and I really enjoy them driven with tubes or solid state amplification.
I replaced some speakers with metal drivers that were fatiguing for me with soft-domed Northcreeks. I've enjoyed them for four years. They should have something at your pricepoint, though a bit of diy may be required. John
I have no bias against soft domes, I like both, but don't count out metal domes when done right. I believe a well designed metal dome does not necessarily have that sharp or ringing signature. I would think it has a lot to do with crossover design also. On the other hand, -sometimes- soft domes can tend to sound soft on leading edges, and don't do the sound of metal percussion well.
In my experience some Totem and Alon speakers using metal have stood out as having vivid high end response without harshness.
Another vote for Quad L series.
I can also recommend the Quad L series and Dynaudio Excite X12. I've had Quad 11Ls--great speakers, and a fantastic bargain used--and now have the Dynaudios, which are also great speakers and very smooth on the top end.
In your price range, I would also look into the Silverline Audio speakers. I think they use Dynaudio soft dome tweeters. I have the Minuet which is surprisingly good at $600 MSRP, but I got a good discount from a dealer. They got ones at $1000 and $1500 and I'm sure you can get the $1500 ones for $1200 with discount.
I have a pair of QUAD 22L2 (not bookshelf though) and love them considering a cost of $950 shipped. Not harse, yet detailed, and good bottom end for a speaker on this size. I do have Velodyne sub set at the lowest cut over possible but find myself turning off at times since the QUADs perform so well. I'm sure there are other brands just as good or better but I can only speak to the QUADs. The only issue I've experience is that the spike threads are not in tolerance to the spike inserts held in the base. Too tight. Good hunting.
I've become convinced that it is impossible to pre-judge the sound of speakers based on the materials of the drivers. I've heard soft domes that "sound" like metal domes and metal domes that "sound" like soft domes. Keep an open mind
I have Usher X719 and love them. I see a used pair on A-gon for $600-thats a good deal.
thanks for the suggestions, i did see those ushers today but i never heard that one. i am driving 4 hours away tomorrow to check out a few shops since we dont have much around here. i will be checking out dynaudio, sonus faber, monitor audio and hopefully a few others. i have to hear those quads also if i can find a dealer out that way.
In general terms, soft dome tweeters are easier on the ears are can be used with a wider variety of amps. For example the Sonus Faber Concertinos and now the Silverline Minuets that I own, both have soft dome tweeters and I find that both can sound good with solid state. However speakers such as B&W and a pair of VMPS 626R that I owned really needed tubes or a digital amp to sound smooth.
well i had a nice 4 hour road trip to canton,ohio on saturday to Hanson Audio. first i have to say, this was the best shop i have ever been to and it was well worth the time. after 6 hours of going through about 10 sets of bookshelfs,{ monitor audio, psb, paradigm,sonus faber,dynaudio, and focal} i had it narrowed down to two. it came down to a fan favorite, dynaudio excite x12, and the sonus faber toy. the dyns had a better bottom end and was a better well rounded speaker. the toys had a remarkable midrange and pleasing tweeter. i knew i would be using a rel t2 subwoofer with whatever i bought so i was not to concerned with the lack of low end on the toys. i decided on the toys, there was just something about them that i loved, and they look awesome in that leather. you would definently need a sub with them but i highly recommend a listen. thanks everyone for the suggestions, i know alot of people recommended the dynaudios and they are also a superb speaker. i could have went either way and been happy.